Environmental Engineering As An Environmental Engineer

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“We do not own the earth; we borrow it from our children.” I believe this Cherokee saying that I received from an interview with the University of Tennessee 's Dr. Gregory D. Moore truly stands for what an environmental engineer is, yet it does not completely sum up what exactly one is. An environmental engineer is a paid and educated worker for the world who works full-time in multiple environments in order to receive the benefits of protecting the planet for others (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The idea of this being what an environmental engineer is has led me to believe that it is the career for me. However, the concept from above did not fully tell me what an environmental engineer is, so this paper was written in order to answer any questions on the subject. Environmental engineers use more than engineering skills to do their job. Multiple standards, such as: soil science, biology, as well as chemistry, are used to help solve problems in the environment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). …show more content…
Degrees in other types of engineering are accepted such as civil or chemical engineering. It is required for environmental engineers to have at least a bachelor 's degree in a related field of work (Bureau of Labor Statistics). However, a four-year bachelor 's degree is just the entry level. Forty-eight percent of jobs in this career require a master 's degree, and some even require a doctorate. Students in this career will acquire knowledge in mathematics, multiple forms of science, technology, as well as government by the time they graduate with their degrees (XAP). Laboratory, classroom, and field studies will all be received during their time in college (Bureau of Labor Statistics). It is because of this that on the job training is not typical Most employers expect that all knowledge needed for the job has already been acquired to strive in the expected environment

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