Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

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  • Universal Health Insurance

    United States, in an attempt to keep the industry’s greed at bay and force it to remain customer-focused by implementing federal regulations, a lawsuit was filed and won by the United States Supreme Court against the South-Eastern Underwriters Association. After ninety plus years of free reign the Supreme Court agreed with lawmakers and found the availability of health insurance to be a fundamental right to United States citizens, and as such, was subject to federal regulation as per the United…

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  • The Evolution Of Managed Care

    Manage care organizations (MCOs) are types of health insurance that involve the creation of provider networks as well as prevention benefits, utilization review for medical necessity and standards of care, and often care management (Kongstvedt, 2013; Medline Plus, 2014). The beginnings of managed care in the United States reaches back to the early twentieth century and continue to thrive, but managed care has not been born from a single force or entity but from many sources seeking differing…

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  • Public Opinion In Health Care Essay

    Public Opinion in Healthcare Several sources such as media including social media, and news media can have an impact on health policy. The population’s views can be swayed with the opinions of the public lobbyist, and even media. The Affordable Care Act is one big initiative that some of the public is wary about. Consequently, many individuals do not know how to interpret it, and some may not be able to determine how it will affect them, or if it will affect them at all. Several news sources…

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  • Active Listening In The Workplace Essay

    First example, Valdivia (2007), who is a manager, in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, he recognizes that when hiring, interpersonal skills are one of the primary job condition for new employees, especially the listening skill. Nonetheless, he realizes that good listeners can express their ideas and build implicit…

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  • Medicare Benefits

    On December 8, 2003 began a historical day for which President George W. Bush signed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. The main provision of this legislative act was allowing Medicare coverage for outpatient prescription drugs. This was a well overdue benefit for Senior’s who spend an average of $2,322 per year on prescription drugs. President Bush proposal was to initiate private sector’s capacity to expand health care coverage while delivering quality medical…

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  • Urgent Health Care Case Study

    Urgent care is a $16 billion a year industry and is expected to grow about 3.5 percent a year for the next decade, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the health care system, according to IBIS World, a market research firm. What is the difference between Urgent care and Emergency care that is making Urgent care a fast-growing industry? Could it be that Urgent Care is a happy median between your practical doctor and an emergency room or its wide accessibility? Urgent care is a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nursing Unions

    The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the information I have learned in module three as well as to introduce the topic of nursing unions. Important topics to be discussed are policy and politics in nursing professional associations, organizations and unions, and nurses being advocates of change regarding issues in the workplace. I will first summarize the information I have learned throughout my readings in module three. In module three, I was able to further my knowledge on how policy…

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  • Managed Care Case Study

    insurance as a product in order to invest into health benefits, where the provider gets paid for the delivered healthcare service. Commercial insurers, Bleu Cross Blue Shield and self-insures are the main private insures in the country. BCBS is a set of independent companies that are required to follow the rules of the main nationwide association in order to be part of it. Commercial insures is delivered by companies who were created specifically to sell healthcare insurance. Both BCBS and…

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  • Hill Physicians Medical Group Case Study

    and collaborative solutions to overcome such challenges is Hill Physicians Medical Group (“Hill”). Background to the Hill Physicians Medical Group Hill is a for-profit organization that is among the largest and well-known independent practice associations (IPA) of USA, located in northern California (Emswiler & Nicholas, 2009). It has an estimated staff number of over 2,000 physicians, which pertains a wide range of practices from single to multiple groups (Emswiler & Nicholas, 2009).…

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  • Ethical Issues In Medical Care

    Throughout times we all have at one point questioned the morality of doctors and insurance companies. Whether they were there to help us solve our countless situation we encounter throughout life or scam us for our money. There was a case that astonished us all in October 24 of 1999, where many physician admitted to lying in order to attend patients that needed medical care. Where insurance companies denied coverage for individual with medical dilemmas. Some may think that this was acceptable,…

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