Active Listening In The Workplace Essay

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For business, retaining clients are the main ambition. The profits of the business will continue to grow by the loyalty of customers. Nevertheless, communication skills are the one of the essential parts to lead people to work successfully on the relationships with commercial enterprises. Therefore, interacting with boss, peers, customers, clients and team members around in the workplaces can help in order to enhance the interest of the business. Training of communication skills for a business’s staff are indispensable for them to be stronger at interpersonal skills. This is the primary method to help them become greater in the world of business. Hynes (2012) says “One way to encourage employee engagement is to provide training in interpersonal …show more content…
First example, Valdivia (2007), who is a manager, in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, he recognizes that when hiring, interpersonal skills are one of the primary job condition for new employees, especially the listening skill. Nonetheless, he realizes that good listeners can express their ideas and build implicit recognition to achieve understanding with everyone that is surrounded in the workplace to become successful at their occupation. Furthermore, at United Web Works, Inc., Hansel (2015), who is the client relationship manager, mentions that listening more and talking less is important to deeply understand and identify the client’s genuine wants and ask them detailed, personally tailored queries to help the expectant customer. This shows that involving time and heeding to listen to the clients deeply can help to develop strong longstanding relationship with customers. Nevertheless, it is easy to complete everything smoothly if the relationship is perfect and without blemishes. Consequently, in the actual world of the business, active listening is the main method to construct the relationship become closer and understand as

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