Active Listening Vs Passive Listening Essay

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Some skills are job-specific, meaning that they will only help somebody in a certain field. Other skills are valuable in majority of things that people do throughout the day. One of the most important skills that somebody can use in any field they work in is listening. It is essential to know the different types of listening, distractions from listening accurately, and also benefits of listening to understand why it is so important. Surprisingly, there is more to listening than it seems. It’s not just an on and off switch. Listening comes in several different forms: passive, selective, and active. Passive listening refers to when there is no effort to receive and interpret a message given. When people only hear what they want to hear is known as selective listening. Finally, active listening is when there is participation and effort from the listener to understand the message to be received (Rane 46-47). The different types of listening are important to know how one understands a message.
Active listening is the most beneficial form of listening. Entrepreneur Rene Lacerte explains before he started his first business, he went to talk to the people of the community to listen to what they had to say. He says that
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Other psychological distractions include the way the speaker talks and the listener’s mind. If the speaker talks too quickly, mumbles, or has a harsh voice, the listener won’t be able to comprehend what the speaker is saying (Rane 47). In order to get the message across, the speaker must speak clearly and enunciate so that their words can be easily understood. The listener must also stay focused as to what the speaker is saying and try to understand all sides, even if it goes against their opinion (Rane 47). This will help the speaker not to block out parts of the

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