Different Types Of Communication In The Clip Of Andy Murray's Interview By Ross Jonathan

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In this report I will be discussing the different types of communication used in the clip of Andy Murrays interview by Ross Jonathan. Communication is an essential characteristic of human functioning. It can take place either intra-personally, this being within individual’s own self, or interpersonally, this being with other individuals. In the clip of Andy Murray’s interview with Jonathan Ross, interpersonal communication was taking place.
During the clip Ross uses verbal communication in attempt to attract Murray into a discussion. He does by using various techniques that were effective in making Murray comfortable and more at ease. The way an individual communicates with people depends on the channels of communication open to them
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To listen is the process of hearing what an individual is saying. According to Burnard and Gill (2009) “hearing embodies not only the words that are being used, but also the non-verbal aspect of the meeting”(p.51). In order to listen an individual needs to have the skill of paying attention to other person and keeping their attention focused on the person who is talking. Ross portrayed this skill in the clip, as he stayed focused on Murray throughout the interview. Ross’s listening skills showed to be effective as his focus was on the message being communicated by Murray; he obtained a full accurate understanding, even paraphrasing some of his statements to check if he understood right. According to Sully and Dallas (2010) paraphrasing demonstrates that an individual is listening keenly and have heard what the other individual is saying, in turn the individual will feel supported and understood.
Furthermore, by maintaining an encouragable, open and honest expression he was able to have an approachable aroma about him, which revived Murray to share more of his thoughts. Ross also used gestures such ass head nods and short sounds of encouragement which showed the effectiveness of his listening skills. For example, at 3:19 minutes into the clip Ross nods along to what Murray was saying, this showed his interest and that he was paying attention. Sully and Dallas (2010), estate that by listening attentively we demonstrate
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It is important that health care professionals are able to find solutions for these barriers. For example, Sundeen et al (1998) states that language can be a barrier for different reason as some service users can speak little English or have speech difficulties. Due to these barriers health care practitioners may struggle to interact with service users. To overcome this NHS suggest the use of interpreters and translators. Carers are usually present to support family members. In addition, health care practitioner may communicate with family members in regards to the service users care. So in order to develop professional relationships practitioners can consult and support family

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