Listening Styles Case Study

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Listening Styles all around
Review the discussion of listening styles on pages 160-164. Complete the “Self-Quiz” Discover Your Listening Styles” on page 162. Do gender or culture affect your own listening style? Do the results of your self-quiz seem accurate? How well does your listening style work for you in various listening situations? Which strategies from Table 5.1 (page 163) will be useful as you improve your listening ability? Feel free to refer to other listening concepts discussed in the chapter as well.
Listening is a part of our lives every day and no matter where we go there is some form of listening that goes with us. Listening is more complex than we think it is and how we listen can originate from our culture, beliefs, and ideas, people, and more. Listening is a way of life and what we hear can affect our lives dramatically of how we act on it. Ways we do listen play a big part of that and what I have learned is that I am oriented in the listening style of people that follow many different styles of how we all listen. Through the listening styles one can depict if gender or culture can affect our listening styles. Through this thought it can be seen the arguments of how men and women listen can be differed on how one gender listens. With the information gathered
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Listening styles are different with everyone we come in contact with. With that it’s not just among men and women, but with culture that shapes how we interact with one another. I can clearly tell through my caring and loving nature of how I am people- oriented when it comes to listening. It involves with everything I do from the classroom and everything in my life when it comes to listening. Through these findings it shows that I can further my listening style when it comes to talking towards people that interpret listening in different ways and adapt to them to understand of what is being

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