The Importance Of Active Listening In The Workplace

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According to the book, "Listening involves mentally participating in a conversation, meeting, or lecture for the purpose of comprehending what the speaker is communicating. This is especially true in the workplace, where employees are expected to exhibit effective listening skills." Barriers such as distractions, creating a scripted conversation, moving too fast, lack of attention, and selective learning can prevent you from receiving a message. In Shana's case, her problem is that she is easily distracted. Shana cannot be considered an active listener because she is unable to concentrate on the present conversation, let alone listen and determine the message of the conversation. Active listening requires Shana to concentrate on the conversation, listen, and understand what the other person is saying. In my opinion, Shana has a listening problem. Based on the later conversation with the new employee, it can be inferred that Shana very much wants to converse, but is easily distracted by her surroundings. …show more content…
Once the new employee has done so they can have a one-on-one conversation with Shana in which they can work on her listening skills. Active listening is very important for not only the employee and Shana's relationship, but also the workplace. By becoming an active listener, communication can be clarified before misunderstandings occur. Active listening also clarifies points of agreement and disagreement that are put in perspective and diminished rather than blown out of proportion. By preparing to listen, avoiding emotional responses, and seperating fact from opion, Shana and any employee can become better communicators and improve relationships with other. Overall being an active listener is not only good for workplace relationships, but also overall workplace

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