Arctic Circle

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  • Anthropogenic Climate Change Essay

    Exceptional monitoring efforts have established a shift from Arctic to Subarctic climate regime within the last decade (Grebmeier et al. 2006). Building on the existing 30-year record of direct observations on the water column and benthic macrofauna, I will extend this record back to the last glacial maximum using…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis: First-Year College Students

    creates undersea artic greenhouses” by Thomas Sumner, there is information yet to be discovered before knowing if enough nutrients such as nitrogen and iron are creating these blooms. If more blooms are appearing in the Arctic Ocean, they may already be dramatically reshaping the Arctic ecosystem. With a combination of research and results, both articles demonstrate a shocking summary of how fast our planet has been warming up. For popular articles, journalists or professional authors write for…

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  • Arctic Tundra Informative Speech

    Have you ever wondered what animals live in the Arctic Tundra? Well a lot of animals live there and there’s a lot of places where the Arctic Tundra is located, but I’m talking about the amazing polar bear. There’s nothing that can even compare to them, that goes for the Arctic Tundra as well. The Arctic Tundra is found in a variety of locations; across Northern Alaska, Canada, and in Siberia. I’m talking about the Alaskan tundra though. The Arctic Tundra has a very unique climate, long cold…

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  • Arctic Pochee Research Paper

    The Arctic Pochee is a close relative of a cheetah and a polar bear. The Arctic Pochee has many of the cheetahs traits and many of the polar bears traits. The Arctic Pochee lives in a rocky environment with harsh cold weather, lots of precipitation, wind, and small mountains. There is very little vegetation there but there some grasses, trees, and shrubs. The Arctic Pochee eats water animals like fish and sea urchins. There are many lakes and there is an ocean nearby, this is wear the Arctic…

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  • Brown Bears Vs Polar Bears

    • Polar bears and brown bears can produce a hybrid offspring • Polar bears evolved from brown bears • The timing of when polar bears first appeared is vital because it determines when they have experienced warm periods with little sea ice historically • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) – relationships based on differences in a group of genes • The polar bear genome discovered alterations in genes related to the development of the heart, cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism – this is why…

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  • Polar Bear Experiment Hypothesis

    Would there be a difference in the fitness of polar bears due to their fur length in the Artic region? The scientific name of a polar bear is Ursus maritimus, meaning that it is a “marine mammal” (National Wildlife Federation). Even though polar bears do spend time on land, they tend to spend most of their time in the sea, hence why they are considered a “marine mammal”. Their fur is “hollow and reflects light” and this allows for the bear to have white fur phenotype(Lockwood,S.). Not only does…

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  • Polar Bears And Penguin Research Paper

    Polar bears and penguins are usually found mostly in the arctic or cold areas of the earth. Sometimes it can get to as cold as - 29℃, with little protection the weather can be deadly. Polar bears and penguins have so many different adaptations and ways of protecting themselves from the weather and keeping warm by using convection, conduction and radiation. Some ways they keep warm by using the 3 heat loss methods are . . . Polar bears lose a lot of heat just through their tail and ears. Their…

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  • Polar Bears: Necessary Due To Global Warming

    first polar bear was found by Constantine John Phipps in 1774. Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. Did you know that polar bears can be pregnant from 195 - 265 days? Polar bears are only found in the Arctic. Their frequently seen along or near coasts. The most important habitats for polar bears are the edges of pack ice, where currents and wind interact.Sea ice is vital to polar bears. It provides a platform for them to hunt, live breed, and in…

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  • Polar Dragon Research Paper

    The difference between the polar bear and Komodo dragon are pronounced, they have different habitats, hunting strategies and temperaments. Although Polar bears and Komodo dragons are similar in the animal kingdom their habitats are different altogether. For example, the polar bear spends most of their life in, around, or on the ocean. They use the floating sea ice as their home, moving from one location to another. This where the polar bears can find the greatest number of prey. As the ice…

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  • My Native American Experience

    not able to get past Greenland, because of all the ice, this expedition, however, did provide a reliable view of this part of the world that has not yet been properly explored. It is because of this adventure, that the world found out about the Arctic Circle and the whales that live in the region that is now being used as a hunting…

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