Arctic Circle

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  • American Eskimo Characteristics

    The Yukon. Where only the strongest and smartest will survive. The American Eskimo, or Eskie, is a type of Spitz that is originally a companion dog but has the competency to survive in harsh climates. Climates with rigid weather ranging from 36.1 C. to -60 C. The Eskie would suit life in Yukon, Alaska because of its qualities and characteristics, although some may argue that the American Eskimo would not survive. First, the American Eskimo has a plethora of qualities that would help it…

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  • Cultural Divisions Of The Arctic

    The four basic cultural divisions of the Arctic consisted of the Unangan, Yup’ik, and 2 types of Inuit. The Arctic is a very harsh environment, so these tribes had to learn to live with the cold, and have strong self-reliance, cooperation, modesty, self-control, and share with others. The Unangan lived in large, permanent communities located on the Aleutian Islands. This was a relatively warm environment. Their main food resource consisted of sea mammals and fish. They are different from the…

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  • Polar Bears: Habitat Description And Niche Characteristics

    Common and Scientific Name Polar bears are commonly known as polar bears here in English but in French they are known as Ours blanc or Ours polaire and in Spanish polar bears are known as Oso polar. Polar bears can also be called sea bear, ice bear or even white bear. Habitat Description and Niche Characteristics Diet: Polar bears are carnivores and their primary prey are seals. Some seals that polar bears eat are ringed seals, bearded seals and other pinnipeds. Polar bears can be…

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  • Inuit And Dene People Similarities

    But they have some similarities. I’m going to tell you about the Inuit and Dene peoples. I am going to tell you about the similarities and differences between the Dene and the Inuit. I’m going to tell you about the inuit. The inuit live in the arctic and they use to speak Athabaskan & Algonquin. Some of the words that are similar to us are Moccasins, Inuit, Lacrosse kayaks. The art that the inuit like to do are carving designs in wood and ivory. The food that the inuit eat are deer, polar…

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  • Whooper Swan Research Paper

    Did you know that the Whooper Swan is Finland's national bird? The animals in Finland and the U.S are interesting and the weather in the U.S and Finland are similar. The U.S and Finland also have Farming that is sort of similar. The U.S and Finland have a number of differences and similarities, but the U.S has the best varieties of weather. Finland and the United States of America have a lot in common, however, they still have a number of differences. The average temperature in Finland and the…

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  • Grizzlies Fishing Hypothesis

    Hypothesis: Majority of male grizzly bears go fishing early in the morning while the female grizzly bears and their cubs go fishing around the evening. By the evening, most of the male grizzlies bears are all fed up and less likely to be present near the river area. Female grizzlies go looking for food during this time to protect their cubs from aggressive male grizzly bears. Design: First I will randomly pick out 15 photos from 9:00am- 11:00am and pick another set of 15 photos from 4:00pm-…

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  • Why Are Polar Bears Endangered

    Appearance, diet, habitat, natural (or introduced) predators, and reproductive habits Polar Bears live in an arctic marine ecosystem, and its native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses. Polar bears have a distinctive white appearance. Their necks are much longer and their head is narrower compared to other species of bears. The front paws are large and used like paddles for swimming. Paws are heavily furred…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Reduce Global Warming

    What can humans do to help reduce global warming? It might sound like a dumb statement but there is actually a lot of action that humans can take on to help out with global warming, but some of us either don’t know it or are unaware of this major ongoing problem that affects all of us. For example, we can choose to go green in our homes or bigger complexes such as apartments by the doing the most minimum changes to your house by doing things such as switching from the normal light bulbs to the…

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  • Ernest Shackleton Short Story

    the first to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. Shackleton planned for many months to make his dream come true. He gathered supplies, had a ship especially made for the harsh elements of the arctic, and put an ad in the paper for men who were willing to endure the brutality of the barren arctic land. There were over five hundred men who applied for this journey, but Shackleton only chose twenty six. There were experienced sailors, while others had never been to sea. There were a few…

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  • Essay On Grizzly Bear

    There are several types of bears in North America For example, there is the brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, and the polar bear. Scientists think that the brown bear and the grizzly bear are the same, but they are different in sizes and where they lives. First of all, there is the brown bear which is similar to the grizzly bear but it's different in sizes and in where it lives . The brown brown bear likes to live in the forests and mountains. The scientific name for the black bear is…

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