Arctic Circle

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  • Polar Bears Essay

    They have a thick layer of fat under their skin, which is surprisingly black. They have a dense undercoat helping insulate heat. “Each hair shaft is pigment-free and transparent with a hollow core that scatters and reflects visible light, much like what happens with ice and snow”(1). Although their fur appears to be white, it is actually transparent. Insulating heat is key to surviving the artic temperatures. The bears are seen bathing in snow and water after a swim or meal, to maximize their…

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  • Touching Spirit Bear: A Symbol Of Native American Culture

    Bears are creative creatures that most people are afraid of, but not Cole from “Touching Spirit Bear.” Bears can be dark brown, gray, bluish, light brown, black, and many other colors. Almost all bears have sharp claws and teeth. They can also smell very keen or good. With the height ranging around three to five feet. Some live by campsites so they eat inedible things. Bears are good at climbing trees, and swimming with ease. They usually only attack when they feel surprised, or threatened.…

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  • Essay On Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing Ice fishing began as a means of sustenance for people living in some of the coldest conditions on the planet. Over the years, ice fishing has become a very popular winter activity. Ice fishing can be done just about anywhere lakes and in some cases rivers freeze thoroughly enough to support the weight of a fisher and his equipment. In places like Canada and the Great Lakes region of the United States, locations in European countries like Germany and Russia, and Nordic nations like…

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  • Commentary On The Essay 'The Arctic Refuge' By Jimmy Carter

    The Arctic Refuge Jimmy Carter in his essay has comprehensively explained how arctic wild life has it's profound significance.It is not only the country's heritage but it also is important to people around the globe . Many species of wild life have occupied their habitats in these regions . This has created a natural wilderness . Jimmy Carter has explained this wilderness by his own vivid experience . He has portrayed the vast forms of species which over the time have accumulated there . For…

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  • Global Warming Effect On Polar Bears

    Polar Bear numbers have been decreasing and will continue from 2001 to 2010 there was a drop of about 40% in their population. In the wild there is suspected to be roughly 25,000 left. This can be explained by climate change. The increase of temperature there is a decrease in their habitat size and has been causing some strange behaviors in the polar bears. Polar bears have been observed saving food for later by burying it in the snow. The main food source for polar bears are seals, they have…

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  • Arctic Council Case Study

    Crossroads of the Arctic Council? When the Arctic Council was established in 1996 it was designed to bring together the states bordering the Arctic Ocean on issues related to environmental protection and sustainability. The organization does not address military issues in the region, which allows it to be one of the few international organizations in which both the U.S. and Russia will cooperate. However, I argue that there will be a change in the progression of this council in the next few…

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  • Reflection On Wonder By R. J Palacio

    Literacy circles are student lead discussions about quality literature. Students in a group lead each other through finishing and discussing a book. The purpose of literacy circles is to turn students onto reading, to deepen their understanding of books, and to discover themselves as readers. These are all developed through being part of a literacy circle. Students are turned onto reading through literacy circles by having the power to choose their own reading. This motivates students. Many…

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  • Canadian First Peoples

    for his chance to catch a walrus or any other food they can find. He tries to jump out of the way of the newly found hole in the ice, but slips. He swerves with all his might to get out of the way of the hole, and barely made it. Now, the ice in the Arctic is melting very fast, due to all the pollution we are causing, and the Inuit are living there, and have to watch as their home begins to melt. In other places, the Iroquois and the Sioux also have to watch the major changes that are being made…

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  • Siberian Huskies Research Paper

    Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend never owned a dog! The Siberian Husky is an extraordinary dog breed. In order for this breed of dog to exist there must have been reproduction among other animals to create this breed. The Siberian Husky is said to have been originated from Chukchi, which is a tribe of Siberian nomads (Siberian Husky, 2013). The Chukchi tribe created huskies for their own existence. Chukchi lived in hostile climates in the word were temperatures reached as low as…

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  • The Three Wiggin Siblingss: The Characters Of Ender's Game

    Ender’s Game has several gripping characters that largely contribute to the story. The three Wiggin siblings are like the three bears from Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Peter is like the father bear; his personality is too hard, just like the father bear’s bed. Valentine is like the mother bear; her personality is too soft, just like the mother bear’s bed. Then there was Ender. He is like the baby bear; having everything be just right. However, you couldn’t have a respectable story without any…

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