Arctic Circle

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  • Hectory Gyre Case Study

    The Beaufort Gyre, a major anticyclonic circulation feature in the Arctic Ocean, hosts a substantial fraction of the overall Arctic freshening citep{haine2015arctic}. The large-scale gyre circulation has been directly linked to its freshwater content (FWC) via the process of Ekman pumping that converges relatively fresh surface waters and deepens the halocline citep[e.g.][]{proshutinsky2002role}. The Ekman pumping arises due to transient anticyclonic winds that cause significant gyre…

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  • Arctic Ocean Research Paper

    Tami Heletz Mrs. Simon English 7H 6 March 2017 The Arctic Ocean A landscape of bright and shiny ice lies ahead, getting closer every moment. Life by the millions thrives under your ship. Welcome to the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is located in the Northern Hemisphere. says, "Greenland, Spitzpergen, Alaska, Canada, Norway, and Russia surround it. It used to be called the Frozen Ocean." The Arctic Ocean, over 5,400,000 miles in area, is a very important habitat. It has…

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  • Global Warming Myth

    growing concern on the conditions of the Arctic when factoring Global Warming. Most scientists believe the last 50 years of constant temperature changes in the world is due to human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. Many also take in the natural factors, for example, variations in the solar radiation, where major volcanic interactions and eruptions between the ocean and the atmosphere. Many people on earth do not understand the importance of the Arctic and what major roles it plays in…

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  • Polar Bears Vs Oil Drilling Essay

    population is a result of oil drilling in the arctic. The negative effects of oil drilling have spread to habitat loss, consumption of health declining chemicals, and impacts on polar bear family life/ birth rates. While individuals might not see this as an issue, due to the importance of oil in society, not only are individuals harming this species but humanity is also harming the environment. To begin, Human man is depleting the ice caps in the arctic. With humans…

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  • Elfuclana Research Paper

    Elfuclana has a unique and interesting history compared to other countries. It is located 132 miles east of the coast of Ellis Island. The founding of this country all began with the Revolution of the Elves, also called The Elfolutionary War. It dates back to December 24th, 2076. It was the day before Christmas in 2076. Santa is, and has always been, the communist dictator of the North Pole. The elves have had to put up with his cruel ruling for long enough. One elf, named Tasol Elfuclan,…

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  • Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    A child is often thought to need protection from the harsh realities of the world around them: violence, poverty, sickness, and death. This protection, affords them innocence, to be “oblivious to worldly concerns”, as stated by Robin Bernstein in her book Racial Innocence. A child’s ignorance of the outside world, in effect, is part of their innocence. Yet, a child’s innocence depends on their family’s social class, their parents, and in particular: their race. In Mildred D. Taylor’s novel Roll…

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  • Tartuffe Play Review Essay

    On Friday November 13, I had the pleasure of seeing one of Moliere’s most famous theatrical comedies, Tartuffe, performed at the University Theatre of Cal State San Bernardino Ronald E. Barnes Theatre. In the play, Orgon, a wealthy Parisian patriarch falls under the influence of a hypocrite named Tartuffe. Luckily, Tartuffe’s antics do not fool the rest of the family or friends. In order to show Orgon how terrible Tartuffe really is, his wife Elmire, takes matters into her own hands. She…

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  • Human Experience In Bel Canto

    A novel is “an invented prose narrative that is usually long and complex and deals especially with human experience through a usually connected sequence of events”, according the Merriam Webster Dictionary. In the novel Bel Canto, Ann Patchett portrays human experience by exploring the concept of isolating people from their normal lives and the world they know, to comprehend how this effects their perception of the world. Bel Canto revolves around the lives of a group of terrorists and their…

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  • Breaking Silence In Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

    Maxine Hong Kingston shows that one can form an identity by breaking silence in The Woman Warrior; Kingston develops this theme through different talk-stories stories her mother tells her. Throughout The Woman Warrior, Kingston gradually finds her own identity by examining heavily weighted talk-stories. Through these stories told to her by her mother and her aunt, she is able to express a part of her which her own experiences cannot explain as a Chinese-American female. Convinced by her mother’s…

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  • Maxine Hong Kingston's In The Woman Warrior

    Ruisha Yang The Woman Warrior A novel can be considered as a form of art while it imitates our internal life and experiences in the world or as a crazy telescope that allows us to explore the life of minds. However, the plot is the structure of a novel. As Culler implies, “Aristotle says that plot is the most basic feature of narrative, that good stories must have a beginning, middle, and end, that they gave pleasure because of the rhythm of their ordering...Essentially, though, a plot requires…

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