Sir Erarnest Shackleton The Expedition Summary

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The Expedition

With the wind whipping through her sails and water at her bow, the Endurance set out across the choppy waver toward an adventure that would make history. Men gathered on her deck with a sense of excitement and determination. They had one goal: to sail across the frigid seas of the Antarctic and make it back alive. Many had attempted this feat and nearly all had failed. Many set out, but few returned. Sir Earnest Shackleton was determined to be the first to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. Shackleton planned for many months to make his dream come true. He gathered supplies, had a ship especially made for the harsh elements of the arctic, and put an ad in the paper for men who were willing to endure the brutality
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Shackleton did not want the men to panic so he instructed them all to keep a level head and go about their normal daily routines. The crew resigned the fact that they were trapped, settled in until the ice let them go out of its death grip. They passed the time by playing cards, having dog sled races, and playing ice soccer. They hunted for seals to eat when the stores started getting low. As the ice closed in closer and closer the ship began to crack and break apart. Since the ship was now unlivable the men had to set up ice camps. The men had no choice but to live on the ice flows. The sea ice provided for very dangerous living conditions. Sometimes the sea ice would melt under the men while they were sleeping because of their body heat. The crew had a few near scrapes with death while they were living on the ice. One incident was when the ice cracked right under where Shackleton had been sleeping for weeks. If he had been sleeping there at that present moment he would have fallen in the unforgiving arctic waters. Another incident was when a man did fall in the water while he was sleeping when the ice cracked under him, but Shackleton pulled him to safety just before the ice crashed back together …show more content…
They had very little food and almost no provisions or supplies. In order to take shelter against the wind and harsh elements, they flipped two of the life boats over to make a sort of hut for the men to take refuge in. Elephant Island was a harsh place; it was not the land for a coward to dwell in. It had sheer cliffs and a very rocky terrain. This was the land of brave men, men who were willing to do whatever it took to survive, such as Shackleton and his men. The crew stuck it out for four days, while Sir Earnest Shackleton prepared to make a journey to get help for the rest of the

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