Essay On Grizzly Bear

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There are several types of bears in North America For example, there is the brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, and the polar bear. Scientists think that the brown bear and the grizzly bear are the same, but they are different in sizes and where they lives.
First of all, there is the brown bear which is similar to the grizzly bear but it's different in sizes and in where it lives . The brown brown bear likes to live in the forests and mountains. The scientific name for the black bear is Ursus Arctos because it's the widest distribution of any living ursus. It range in color between dark and reddish brown. Its length is from 6 to 9 feet long for males and 5 to 8 feet long for females. The brown bear can live up to 25 years in the wilderness. Brown bears can climb up trees to eat or escape humans, but only if they have
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The grizzly bear is a powerful species and is master of its natural habitat. Its anatomy includes a notable muscular hump on its back above its shoulders. Its one of the strongest animal in its territory. Can overpower any prey and in fact wolves and cougars realize this and surrender their prey when the grizzly shows up. Grizzly bear can eat whatever they find. The grizzly bear normally avoid people and it's not common that they will attack a human. If they find their cubs in any danger they will attack and eat their prey. The world's largest grizzly bear ever recorded is contingent on definition. Issues center around what determines "the biggest". Factors include weight, head size, length of the bear, height of the bear when standing, dimension of shoulders. Their lifespan is about 20 years to 30 years. Grizzly bears are strong and have long claws but they are not good climbers. Their claws are used for digging, picking fruits, and catching prey. At the end of summer grizzlies eat as much as possible to accumulate additional fat for the

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