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  • Characteristics Of North American Black Bears

    Bears are capable of adapting to numerous changes of environment. This is why there is such a wide variety of bears, and it is why each species is different and has its own unique characteristics. These traits are often necessary in order for the bear to survive with its surroundings (“Bear”). There are three kinds of bears in North America, and the most common is the American black bear (“North America’s Bears…”) They are normally found in forests and make great tree climbers, but may be seen…

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  • Kindergarten Writing Skills Test

    Synopsis Professor Cindy D’On Jones seeked to find out how different approaches to teaching kindergarten students various writing skills affected how they acquired those skills. Instead of the usual one independent variable experiment, two different teaching styles were compared independently of each other to the controlled, “normal” teaching style. Ultimately, the researchers found that the differing teaching styles did not affect the improvement of students’ scores on the foundational writing…

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  • Tarantula In My Discourse By Cather Summary

    Reflection of Heather’s Reading/Writing Heather is in the fourth grade. Her educational background, in earlier years, had small gaps. She lived in an environment that was unstable and was removed from her home into foster care. Heather and her two brothers were adopted by an aunt and uncle two years ago. Her aunt is a retired teacher and has helped to stabilize her education. In analyzing Heather’s reading interview, I find that Heather likes to read. She has already read 20 books this…

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  • Alzheimer's Disease Summary

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a devastating neurodegenerative disease characterized by the accumulation of amyloid beta (Aβ) peptides within the brain. The buildup of amyloid plaques in the AD brain disrupts synaptic functions, leading to progressive neuronal degeneration, culminating in the death of the AD patient within ten years of diagnosis. As of writing this letter, no treatment exists that is capable of impeding AD progression. However, Dr. Carter’s hypothesis that increasing apolipoprotein…

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  • Reflect On The QSEN Project And ANA Code Of Ethics

    The QSEN initiative was first introduced during my basic nursing training as a means to summarize the quality and safety material presented throughout the program. It had not been fully integrated into the curriculum, due to its newness. However, after becoming more largely adopted among nursing schools, it became required knowledge for graduation. 2. Reflect on the QSEN project and the ANA Code of Ethics. Did you find similarities between the QSEN project and the ANA Code of Ethics? Reflect…

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  • Exposure And Does It Matter Analysis

    How do poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon present their ideas of war in their poems, Exposure and Does It Matter? Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon are two famous war time poets, who conveyed their first-hand experiences of war through the form of poems to enlighten people towards the reality of war, as shown in “Exposure” and “Does It Matter?”. Exposure is an emotionally powerful poem that expresses the reality of the brutal weather conditions that were endured by the soldiers in the…

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  • Minilesson: Chloe's Writing Technique

    At this time, Chloe writing development would be centered in the Transitional Stage. Chloe really took this writing assignment and ran with it. You can see how enthusiastic she was about writing this piece because of all of the details she provided about her dog, however, she does not organize the details or the paragraph as a whole, which makes the paragraph seem a bit chaotic. Chloe uses capitation and punctuation correctly throughout the paragraph. In addition, Chloe vocabulary is increasing…

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  • Ms. Ots Observation

    see how many circles they can make out of each container. I observed three students, whose names were Haigen, Emma, and Cohen. The teacher goes over to their table and sits down beside them. Haigen says, “Ms. Otts, I am going to have a lot more than Emma.” Emma replied, “No way, Haigen.” Cohen seemed…

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  • Lucy Calkins Writing Style

    Lucy Calkins Lucky Calkins is a well-known innovative leader, in the world of literacy, for her contributions to writing instruction. She is the founding director of the Teacher College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP), which is an information hub and teacher training center, for methods dedicated to teaching reading and writing to young children (Feinberg, 2007). Lucy Calkins is also the author and co-author of many books pertaining to reading and writing workshop instruction. She is also…

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  • Describe The Writing Process

    When hearing the words “writing workshop,” I immediately thought about higher-grade levels such as junior and senior high schools. I pictured teachers setting aside time in class, or even a separate class, for students to work on writing papers, mechanical skills, and the process of writing in general. Yet after reading chapter one in Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product, I began to get the sense that the simplicity of the writing process lends itself to be applied in a variety of…

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