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  • Reflection On Wrtg 101

    Reflective Essay I took WRTG 101 to complete my Community College of the Air Force degree. After attempting to take multiple English courses from different college institutions for the last two years. I find the course drawing to a close, coming a long way from the start of the course where I would rate myself a 3 out of ten. Because I never enjoyed taking any type of communication course being written or oral. Never having a real interest in the subject, procrastinating to the very last minute…

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  • Analysis Of Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory Of Motivation

    Hygiene factors are the features that make a job satisfying and does not make employees frustrated. These factors are extrinsic describes the job setting/scenario. It is important that the organization provides a job security for employees in workplace. There should not be a conflict in the workplace between employees and interpersonal relationships should be acceptable. The environment in the workplace should be safe and healthy. Moreover, the pay of salary should be appropriate for employees.…

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  • Self Assessment: My Approach To Improve Writing Skills

    In this field we were required to write eight page essays often in APA format. In the beginning it was tough, now I attend Bethel University APA formatting is much more vivid. At Bethel University I also learned how to properly cite sources and paraphrase as well. In the beginning at Bethel I had warnings with properly citing sources, APA formatting, and giving credit to the authors, it was intimidating. One particular time I received a 0 for the assignment…

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  • The Importance Of Self Assessment

    Using an editorial style when writing a paper allows the reader to be able to have a precise understanding of the presentation and know where the author was able to obtain resources. Implementing the APA format in writing also helps to ensure success in academics by avoiding plagiarism. When I first started at Bethel I did not know what APA format was and it became a challenge to learn. The biggest challenge I have encountered…

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  • Heroism Definition Essay

    Definition Essay EA 1.2 Formal Style Paragraph 1: Opening paragraph: (at least 5-7 sentences for each paragraph) 1. Compelling Introduction (Hook) *Choose One* -Quote: Must be from our reading/viewing/listening. And must use quote sandwich -Personal Event/Anecdote (May use ”I” only in this type of personal opening but nowhere else in this formal paper. -Statistic: Must be from our reading/viewing/listening ,d3bh. -Startling or interesting fact: Must be…

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  • Techniques Used In Written Publishing

    If a person chooses to use an APA style, they must know how to incorporate source material into a written publication and know how to format in-text citations and references. A person that incorrectly cites material or just disregards citations altogether can be held accountable for plagiarism. I will discuss how to incorporate outside material into a written publication, why proper format is so important, and the consequences of improper format. Using APA style, there are three different…

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  • What Organization Format Is Used For The Body Paragraphs?

    enthusiastic for improvement. 3. What organization format is used for the body paragraphs? Is it consistently used for all the information? Are any variations justified? The outline has an APA format, and once developed into a draft, and then a final product, the APA format will be formed. It is consistent APA outline format, except running head on any page except the first page, the rest should only be the shortened capitalized title. Also the title after running head first page needs to be…

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  • Differences: Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

    Answer any two out of the four questions provided. Each question should be at least 3 pages and not exceeding 6 pages of a double spaced type written paper. 1. A young adult was entangled emotionally with a Muslim girl. He came to you asking for an explanation between Christianity and Islam. He understands that there are many similarities between Islam and Christianity, like the similarities of historical roots, monotheistic idea of God, understanding of prophets, angels, and even the acceptance…

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  • Writing: 10 Core Concepts Summary

    I chose Chapter 23 “Using Source Material” in Writing: 10 Core Concepts. “Using Source Material” is important and useful information on how to use other sources in your writing effectively. Chapter 23 gives examples for how to: include enough information to back up your ideas, but not so much information that it covers up what you want to say. In addition, it gives tips for how to incorporate it into your writing. Robert P. Yagelski argues that “The challenge for many students is resisting the…

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  • Analysis Of Salvador Late Or Early By Sandra Cisneros

    and every one of her writing pieces, such as “Salvador Late or Early”, as well as “Eleven”. Both short-stories focus on adolescents with a mature mindset and adult precision, and each story does a marvelous job portraying Cisneros constant writing style. “Salvador Late or Early” is focusing on a young boy, Salvador, with heavy burdens to carry on his shoulders, which is unfortunate because he is such a young boy with an old soul. The responsibilities he has are unimaginable due to the fact they…

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