Self Assessment: My Approach To Improve Writing Skills

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My interpretation of the test itself, I always enjoy self assessments, they locate the areas which need improvements. I am amazed by some of the questions listed throughout the self-assessment. The self- assessment discovers the strengths and weaknesses in particular areas. Although they discover, I myself "occasionally" evaluate myself in order to perform at my best ability," generally speaking".

My biggest weaknesses include, money management, seeking support from other, energy, change/flexibility, and mathematics. Money management has always been a weakness over the years, it has gradually recuperated over the years. Poor financial management can be dangerous and result in terrible losses, it has to be respected. Change and Flexibility
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I plan to enhance my writing skills by improving my communication skills, they are coherent. Poor communications mean poor writing. My intentions to improve my writing skills are by researching our online library, Purdue Owl writing center, and other credible sources also. Better communications could land you higher better jobs , grades, and relationships as well. Communications reveal a lot about you, be very organized in writing and communications. Think about things before we write or speak it, research the proper material to gain a broad idea of what we are writing or communicating about about.

Be sure to cite and reference all resources in order to eliminate plagiarism. Be sure to use proper grammar and punctuations. Writing requires practice and practice makes perfect, authors plan t write books over periods of time. Although Bethel require writing verses test students are still aloud a certain period of time to complete the
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In this field we were required to write eight page essays often in APA format. In the beginning it was tough, now I attend Bethel University APA formatting is much more vivid. At Bethel University I also learned how to properly cite sources and paraphrase as well. In the beginning at Bethel I had warnings with properly citing sources, APA formatting, and giving credit to the authors, it was intimidating. One particular time I received a 0 for the assignment which resulted in a failed course. Failing courses causes your GPA level to decrease immensely, it takes hard work to increase it. All students have to maintain a certain GPA level to continue their courses at any

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