Assignment 2: Self Assessment Analysis

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Unit 2 offers a self-assessment test that helps create a picture to help a person evaluate where they are in life, how far one has come since their last test, and what they have to do to be successful in Bethel’s online program (Bethel University, 2014). The test listed 30 skills for a person to evaluate. Being honest was the only way for a person to be truly evaluated. The test was very interesting and even though I did not learn anything new about myself it did confirm why I am in management at my job. In this reading you will learn about my strengths and weaknesses that were uncovered during this self-assessment.

The weaknesses that were uncovered during this assessment were writing, creative problem, money management, goal setting, and knowing how you learn. Creative problem solving is the weakest of the 5 that were listed. I am not a creative person so I struggle a lot in this area. All of my other weaknesses just need improvement.

The strengths that were uncovered during this assessment were speaking, listening, ability to get along with diverse groups, management and leadership of people, and the ability to focus on one thing at a time. My strengths tell me that I am able to work with people. I’ve had 2 promotions at work within
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Goal setting is another area that I need to focus on. Sitting down and actually writing them down will be a good start. I will continue to capitalize on my strengths by working with other people and taking classes at work that will benefit me in the long run. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help at work and at home. They can help at work because you can work with people who are strong in the area you are weak in and this could help your growth. Having to deal with work, kids, schoolwork, and a spouse can be challenging at times so knowing when you need help and asking for it is a benefit for

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