Personal Reflection On How To Improve Writing Skills

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Adult learners bring a wealth of maturity, time management skills, critical abilities, perseverance, and experience to the classroom (Bethel. 2016.p1). In order to create an accurate picture of where I am in life, how far I have come, and what I will need to succeed in the Leadership program, I took the self-assessment test. Rating myself was very interesting, the assessment allowed me to point out my strengths and weaknesses, that I don’t really think about on a daily basis.

The self-assessment allowed me to point out a few of my weaknesses that I don’t think about. Writing is one of my main weaknesses, I am not a strong writer. I hadn’t really thought about how much I struggle to focus on one thing at a time because I am a huge multi-tasker.
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I plan to improve my writing skills by practicing more and sharpening my speaking skills. A poor speaker is a poor writer. Studying the basic rules of writing and common problems, such as, run on sentences, punctuation, sentence fragments, and verb-subject agreements, will help me improve my writing skills. Practicing to improve my writing skills will benefit me greatly. Majoring in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Healthcare Management, I will need to know how to communicate and write effectively.

In conclusion, “Communication-the kind that really gets through and makes a difference- takes work” (Maxwell, 2004). It is very important to have solid communication skills. Whether written or spoken, words obviously are an integral part of communication. I understand that improving my writing skills will benefit me tremendously in my leadership role. Practicing and reading more will help me improve my writing, which will improve my communication skills.
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The advantages of utilizing the APA format is, APA citing becomes a habit. Not only have I learned to cite when doing my school assignments, I also make sure I cite if I am doing some research for my boss.

The disadvantages of using APA formatting can range from how complex it is to how complicated it can be. APA sets a standard for every writer, which can make using the APA format complex. APA format can also be very confusing. There are separate citations, and each citation, such as book, website or journal articles, have a specific set of directions.

The advantages of APA formatting is the straightforward Prose it can give your paper. APA encourages a direct exposition of your paper and emphasizes your ideas. The benefit of APA formatting helping you from getting caught up in plagiarism is another advantage.

When I completed orientation with Bethel University, APA formatting and plagiarism was two of the main things I left knowing so much about and how important it is.

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