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  • Human Emotions In Swann's Way By Marcel Proust

    In Swann’s Way, Marcel Proust portrays how human senses are always indirect, and human emotions circulate through the fact. Proust demonstrates this phenomenon various times in his novel, and the indirect sensory experiences and the circulation of emotions are always in correlations with each other. This can be observed from various passages in his novel. When the narrator falls in love with Swann’s daughter Gilberte, he does not love ‘her’ exactly; but loves the Gilberte he himself created (pg.…

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  • Style Elements In Lusus Naturae

    story Lusus Naturae, it is believed that the most effective style elements utilized by the author are the story’s linear timeline, its somber tone/ mood, and its descriptive imagery in the form of literal/ figurative descriptions. These three style elements used by the author allow the reader to stay invested in the story, leaving them constantly The first effective style element used is the linear timeline in Lusus Naturae. This style element allows the reader to comprehend the changes that are…

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  • Analysis Of Worthless By Sasha Maharaj

    Sasha Maharaj has used a personal tone to convey emotions underlying her feelings about relationships in the poem, “Worthless’’. In this essay, I disclose how poetic devices, diction, syntax and other language functions have been utilized to reveal feelings/emotions of the writer in regard to relationships. Taking into account the title of the poem, one cannot put a figure on what or who is worthless. Nevertheless, it is known that worthless is an adjective; meaning something that has no use or…

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  • Characteristics Of Edgar Allan Poe As An Unreliable Narrator

    Poe’s Narrators/ Unreliable Narrators In Edgar Allan Poe’s stories there sometimes tends to be an unreliable narrator in the story. We can see that in his 3 stories “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “That Black Cat”, and “The Cask of Amontillado”. Those stories show characteristics of an unreliable narrator. We can mostly see it in “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Everyone of Poe’s stories has a gruesome and traumatic ending which add on to that insane and unreliable sense. In “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the narrator is…

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  • Analysis Of Frederick Douglass Learning To Read

    Frederick Douglass’s Learning to Read In his essay Learning to Read, author Frederick Douglass offers a seemingly grim outlook on the power of language in the context of nineteenth-century slavery. On first glance, Douglass 's struggle and subsequent suffering brought on by acquiring literacy seem to indicate futility, however, Douglass masterfully uses this newly acquired skill to introduce antislavery rhetoric without compromising the audience 's receptivity. His arrangement provides a…

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  • Stereotypes In Marilyn Chin's Elegy For Chloe Nguyen

    In Marilyn Chin’s “Elegy for Chloe Nguyen (1955-1988),” she speaks about the life of her friend that has passed away at the age of 33. She compares their lives side by side, with Chin growing up poor and Nguyen growing up wealthy. Both women grew up in a similar cultural background, but a different class background. It’s almost as if Chin admired how intelligent and well-rounded Nguyen appeared to be, despite Nguyen experiencing moods of emptiness throughout her life. As the poem progresses,…

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  • My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts By Amos Tutuola

    Amos Tutuola’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts follows outlandish episodic tales and a character stuck in the middle of a nightmare. Many of the horrid stories the author describes reflect the negative consequences of British colonization in Nigeria. However, Tutuola describes the dream-like 10th Town of Ghosts, a flourishing city in which his character prospers. Tutuola juxtaposes the 10th Town of Ghosts amongst other frightening cities in the Bush of Ghosts to reflect an accommodating view of…

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  • The Loaded Dog Analysis

    Henry Lawson creates powerful images by employing distinctive visual elements of the outback that enables the responder to feel the hardship of others in an unforgiving and harsh environment. The apparent use of visual detail and descriptions heighten the responder’s sensory engagement with the narrative. These distinctively visual images are evidently reinforced in the concept of mateship in Henry Lawson short stories “ The Loaded dog” and “ The Bush undertaker” which influences the responder…

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  • Chef Remy In Ratatouill

    A poem has many different ingredients, and like Chef Remy in Ratatouille, a poet has to gracefully blend these different elements of poetry together. Together, these create the different dimensions and aspects that a poem consists of. Each individual element of poetry plays a significant role and brings something unique to the poem, impacting the reader in a certain way. Some elements serve the purpose of conveying a more vivid picture to the reader while others create a different effect, such…

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  • The Use Of Narrative Techniques In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    have one thing in common, which is their fascinating ways of expression to create conflicts and tensions. In the masterpiece of Cathedral by Raymond Carver, the narrative style along with the well constructed architect of the story and theme combines together to form an excellent story. Cathedral has a first person narrative style, the first person narrator tells the story in fragments of sentences, often short and simple, like “This blind man, an old friend of my wife 's, he was on his way to…

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