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  • Sojourner Truth And The Civil Rights Movement

    Approximately 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans in Southern states inhabited an unequal world of segregation and oppression. In the decade and a half that followed, civil rights activists used nonviolent protest and civil disobedience to bring about change. Many leaders from the African American community became dominant during the Civil rights era. They risked their lives for freedom and equality. This movement had roots of African slaves and their descendants to…

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  • Analysis Of The Bite-Mark By Douglas Prade

    (2015). Prade win right to another hearing over DNA findings. Akron Beacon Journal Retrieved from http://lopes.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http//search ebcohort.com/login.aspx? direct=true & db=& AN=2w681534167 &site=eds-live & scope=site Spinney, L. (2008). Everywitness identification: line –ups on trials. Nature, 453(7194)…

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  • Sojourner Truth Speech Analysis

    In town of Akron, Ohio in the year 1851, Sojourner Truth gave a moving speech in front of the Women’s Convention. In the speech, Sojourner Truth voices her thoughts on the discrimination of women, especially as a black woman. Throughout the story, Sojourner Truth uses personal experiences and allusion to convey her message. Her speech makes a strong connection to the audience to show that racism and sexism is happening everywhere, though men are denying it. In the speech, Sojourner Truth…

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  • How Does George Kill Lennie's Death

    “[George] pulled the trigger. The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again” (Steinbeck 106). George shoots his friend Lennie to save him from a life of suffering. George and Lennie are two merchant workers who travel together from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Lennie has a mental disability which leaves him with memory loss and a lack of control over his actions. At the end of the book, Lennie kills Curley’s wife accidentally after she found him alone and let him touch…

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  • My Classroom: An Intertextual Analysis

    Thinking back to my past, I realized how little exposure I had to diversity while growing up. I lived in a nice town known as Richfield, Ohio where many of the families had money. The school in which I attended, Revere Local Schools, was primarily white. There was only a small handful of African American students at my school throughout the entirety of my grade school years. The larger minority group of students was Asian American or students of Middle Eastern descent. Growing up, I often…

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  • The Narrative Of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave

    Early Years of Freedom The state of New York, which had begun to negotiate the abolition of slavery in 1799, emancipated all slaves on July 4, 1827. The shift did not come soon enough for Truth. After John Dumont reneged on a promise to emancipate Truth in late 1826, she escaped to freedom with her infant daughter, Sophia. Her other daughter and son stayed behind. Shortly after her escape, Truth learned that her son Peter, then 5 years old, had been illegally sold to a man in Alabama. She took…

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  • Personal Essay: Making Friends For Yourself, In My Life

    Making friends for myself, isn’t very easy. I like to think of myself not so much as shy but just hard to get to know. Once I came to Akron it was an entirely new experience, because transitioning from a small town with a graduating class of barely one hundred students who knew each other since pre-k, to a large campus 50 minutes away from home knowing not one person is difficult. So once I started to make friends here, it was a blessing. It made me get my mind off of my family and friends that…

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  • Comparison Between Michael Jordan And Lebron James

    LeBron James and Michael Jordan are both NBA legends acknowledged to ever play in the game, but both players hold contrasts and similarities in their basketball career. There are many people who believe LeBron will later be greater than Jordan. Since the age of eighteen, LeBron James is currently still putting in hard work in his legendary career. At the age of thirty, LeBron James has played twelve seasons, won two NBA championships with the Miami Heat, four MVP awards, and has five NBA final…

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  • Sojourner Truth's 'Ain T I A Woman?'

    Influential abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Sojourner Truth, speaks passionately about women’s rights at the Women’s Convention in Akron, Ohio in 1851 in her speech later titled “Ain’t I a Woman?”. She implements anaphora, rhetorical questions, and religious appeals to pathos and logos to argue that not only should women be treated equal to men, but women of color should be treated equal to white women as well. She was driven to give this speech, because at this particular convention,…

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  • Summary: Career Development

    Module 1: Career Development The current job market is highly competitive, and employers hold the advantage over job seekers. Because of this, it is important for prospective applicants to have a well tailored resume that is specific to the position they are applying for, and ensure that they have worked to develop their professional interviewing skills. If either of these areas are lacking, employers are likely to pass over the candidate for someone whose resume is more refined, or whose…

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