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  • Rita Dove

    things to her audiences such as, “Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful”. Dove still continues to inspire and encourage those who read her poetry to this day. Starting at the beginning, Rita Dove was born on August 28, 1952, in Akron, Ohio. She was the daughter of a chemist, Ray Dove, and her mother Elvira Dove. She later on married the German-born novelist, Fred Viebahn in the mid-1970s, and had a daughter by the name of Aviva. When Dove was young, she began…

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  • Sojourner Truth Essay

    Massachusetts. She starts touring with George Thompson speaking with large crowds about slavery and human’s rights. On May 1851, Truth delivered her most famous speech “Ain’t I a Woman”. The speech took place at Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in Akron. Her speech was about women suffering from own forms of discrimination. She successfully provokes a desire for…

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  • Jerome's Androcentric Criticism Of Abortion

    For a logical response to Jerome’s androcentric criticism of women practicing free will and control over their own bodies, one could look to Beverly Harrison, a professor of Christian Ethics. Harrison defends women’s rights to their own bodies, stating that abortion could be considered not only “morally justifiable,” but “a moral good, because it is not rational to treat a newly fertilized ovum as though it had the same value as an existent, pregnant, female person.“ She goes on to say,…

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  • Mental Disorders: Dual Diagnosis

    Dual Diagnosis Akron A dual diagnosis is the manifestation of two mental diseases in an individual. A dual diagnosis is seen in drug treatment when a patient has a diagnosed psychological disorder in addition to their addiction. This claim of dual diagnosis is prefaced by the fact that addiction is a mental disease. Examples of mental disease commonly seen in combination with addiction in dual diagnosis scenarios: • Bi-polar disorder and alcoholism: Alcohol impacts the transfer of endorphins in…

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  • Single Fathers Disadvantages

    in a position where raising a child alone is difficult because they have to cover the cost of child care, food, shelter, clothing, etc. Furthermore, the cost of child care, food, shelter, clothing, etc. is not cheap. According to the University of Akron, “On average, a poor mother spends 32 percent…

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  • Why Do African Americans Think In Groups?

    The United States entered World War 1 in 1917 and President Woodrow Wilson sponsored a propaganda campaign against German influence. In an effort to show unity and pride of America, President Wilson stated “You cannot dedicate yourself to America unless you become in every respect… Americans. You cannot become Americans if you think of yourselves in groups. America does not think in groups” (“Facts”). Although President Wilson claimed that “America does not think in groups”, U.S. officials and…

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  • Gatsby Critical Lens

    Our exploration of American Literature this year about the pursuit of happiness has been a real eye opener. Reading and talking about all the different styles and writing techniques has really made me appreciate writers and what they are capable of. They can make you feel emotions you've never felt before; the good and the bad. These emotions can range anywhere from making the reader reminisce about the past and what it consisted of, to thinking about the future and what might become of it. It…

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  • Nike Commercials: 'Come Out Of Nowhere'

    Cleveland Cavaliers. Knowing LeBron’s childhood that he moved nearly a dozen times in a year missing about 100 days of school of the 4th grade, having slim to no money and growing up off welfare, not knowing who his real dad was, and growing up in Akron, Ohio. He is the true face of coming from nothing but putting his heart to it and making his dream come true. In the commercial every line he says is what I feel is a hater quote, “You’re not supposed to be here”, “You’re not supposed to get out…

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  • Unwind Community Examples

    In today’s society, the people in a town, state, and country are all connected to something greater, a shared sense of community. For one, people united under one cause can band together in order to help others in their community, helping others heal from a tragedy to collaborating to start a movement. On the other hand, people in communities can band together for corrupt reasons, to spread hate and chaos into the world. These examples of communities are evident in both today’s society as well…

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  • Lebron James: What Makes A Successful Athlete

    Every kid who plays a sport, has someone they idolize and eventually they will want to be just as successful or maybe even more successful than that person. But what makes that person successful? Is it the money? Is it the fame? Is it the flashy clothes and cars? Well, while all of that comes along with the success, it does not make an athlete successful. What makes an athlete successful is their talent, but also their determination, desire and their leadership qualities. The God given talent…

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