Acetic acid

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  • Ethylene Case Study

    Results Unit 800 produces ethylene and acetic acid through the partial oxidation of ethane. Ethylene, the most abundant product from the unit, is partitioned such that half of the product is used as a feed source for Unit 600 and the other half is sold on the market. Ethylene purity must reach at least 99.5% to be sold as reagent grade. The second desired product, acetic acid, is also sold on the market, at 99% purity. Unit 800 consists of a fired heater to preheat the reactants, an…

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  • Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis Of CBE And CQE

    phyto-constituents varied between the plants and also within the plant. The total steroid content was found to be higher in CBE followed by total phenols, flavonoids and ascorbic acid. On the other hand, in CQE steroids are higher in concentration compared to all other phyto-constituents followed by flavonoids, total phenolics and ascorbic acid.…

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  • Lab Experiment: Lab Analysis Of Tiv Photocatalysts

    tetra-n-butyl titanate as the precursor. Solution A was prepared by dissolving 17 mL TBT in 30 mL anhydrous ethanol with stirring (300 rpm) for 30 min. The other solution that contained 28.35 mL anhydrous ethanol, 7.25 mL deionized water and 20 mL 3 M acetic acid was slowly added into the above solution with magnetic stirring at room temperature. The prepared mixture was further hydrolyzed for 60 min with stirring until the transparent sol was obtained, which was aged for 20 h at room…

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  • P Toluidine Synthesis Analysis

    N-acetyl-p-toluidine, p-acetamidobenzoic acid, and p-aminobenzoic acid, was checked for yield, presence, and purity through weighing, taking IR and NMR spectrums, and determining the melting point. Thin Layer Chromatography was used to ensure the completion of the final reaction from p-aminobenzoic acid to benzocaine. The yield of the first step from p-toluidine to N-acetyl-p-toluidine was 91.9%. The yield of the second step from N-acetyl-p-toluidine to p-acetamidobenzoic acid was 49.85% The…

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  • NASA Antares Rocket Experiment

    calculated to get 2.5 g/mL, and its known density was only 0.2 g/mL away. After calculating the density of WC, the results had a 0% error. Also, comparing the physical characteristics of WC to oak, they were relatively very similar. Lastly, through the acetic acid test, and the iodine test, the results matched up to corn starch 's properties. When the iodine test was done on PA, it matched up to the results of corn starch, turning purple and clumping together. China will receive LB, after its…

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  • Thin Layer Chromatography Lab Report

    plate.5 Thus, compounds are separated according to their differing behavior in the adsorbent-solvent system, with their final heights on the plate and Rf values determined, in general, by their relative degrees of polarity. For best results, acetic acid was a necessary component of the development solvent in this experiment because it was a source of protons, which prevented the…

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  • Glutathione Peroxidase Lab Report

    homogenate solution was taken and mixed with 5 ml of phosphate buffer of pH 7.4. To this 4 ml of 0.2 M H2O2 was added and time noted. Exactly after 180 seconds of adding H2O2, a set of 1ml of reaction mixture from the above was taken and 2 ml dichromate acetic acid was added. It was then kept in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. All the tubes were then cooled under running tap water and finally readings were taken at 570 nm against reagent blank. The catalase activity in gastric tissue was…

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  • Polyethylene Essay

    the presence of any peroxide initiator gives TEFLON • PROPERTIES  Teflon is linear polymer with a high degree of crstallinity  Its flow temperature is high  It is practically insoluble in all solvents  It is chemically inert and not attacked by acids, alkalis, oxidizing and reducing agents  It is not wetted by oil or water  It has high resistance to impact wear and tear  It is thermally stable and has a good electrical insulating property  Because of all the above properties it is known…

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  • Unknown Copper Ore

    Determining Percent Composition of Unknown Copper Ore Sample Iodine-thiosulfate Method: An Analytical Method The objective of this experiment is to eliminate all interfering species from a sample of unknown copper ore in order to later determine pure copper content. Copper ore can be found in a mineral that contains pure copper and other species that is mined and can later have copper extracted from them (Taher, 1999). To eliminate all interfering species, such as Iron, Arsenic, and…

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  • Chemiluminescence Lab Report

    Luminol is synthesized in a two-step reaction. The first step is the condensation of 3-nitrophthalic acid. The product of this step subsequently reacts with sodium dithionite to reduce the –NO2 to –NH2. The reaction mechanisms for these steps are depicted below.…

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