Acetic acid

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  • Essay On Korean Barley Cultivars

    (Phillipsburg, NJ, USA). For quantitative analysis, phenolic compounds used for the standards were isolated from barley leaves, as reported in earlier method (Park et al., 2014). DPPH, ABTS, BHT, Trolox, and potassium persulphate, Sephadex LH-20, acetic acid, formic acid, and DMSO-d6 were obtained from…

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  • Analysis Of Araliae Continentalis Radix

    Keywords: Aralia continetalis Kitagawa; Kaurenoic acid; Phase I; Pharmacokinetics; Ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Abbreviations: AIC, akaike information criteria; AUC0-∞, the area under the concentration–time curve from zero to infinity; CL/F, the total body clearance for oral administration; Cmax, the maximum plasma concentration; CV, coefficient of variation; HPLC, high-performance liquid chromatography; ka, the absorption rate constant; IS, internal…

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  • Anionic Dye Synthesis Lab Report

    Abstract In this paper CuO-NH-NH2 nanoparticle was synthesized and used to remove anionic dyes from single and binary systems. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) were used to characterize the nanoparticle. Direct Red 80 (DR80) and Direct Green 6 (DG6) were used as anionic dyes. The effect of adsorbent dosage, dye concentration and pH on dye removal was evaluated. Kinetic…

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  • Dex-Ibuprofen Research Paper

    incidence of DCC and DMAP. The PEG-dex-Ibu conjugates were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, and DSC analysis. The solubility revise in aqueous system showed an improvement within the solubility of conjugates. The dissolution studies showed an accurate acid–base catalysis prototype reliant on the pH of the medium. This indicated a fine chemical constancy in aqueous buffer solution of acidic medium and the comprehensive discharge performance was found in prodrug…

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  • Salbutamol Assignment

    Pharmacology 1 Major Assignment Salbutamol The chemical name of salbutamol is 1-(4-hydroxy-3-hydroxymethylphenyl)-2-(t-butylamino)-ethanol sulphate, chemical structure is (C13H21NO3)2 • H2SO4 and molecular weight is 576.7g/mol Generic Name: albuterol Commonly used brand name(s): Available doses and dosage forms: Oral salbutamol: Adults and Children over 12 years: Usual starting dosage of salbutamol is 2mg or 4 mg 3 or 4 times a day. A dosage exceeding 4 milligrams of salbutamol 4 times…

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  • Oligoetherol Synthesis

    New method of synthesis of oligoetherols with carbazole ring Renata Lubczak Abstract: The new method of synthesis of multifuntional oligoetherols with carbazole ring suitable for obtaining the polyurethane foams of enhanced thermal resistance was presented. At the first step of the synthesis the carbazole was reacted with excess glycidol to obtain the product of (n +1) functionality, where n is number of equivalents of glycidol reacted with carbazole. Carbazole reacts with glycidol without…

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  • Vanillin Recrystallization

    Experiment 1 and 2 Recrystallization: Purification of Solids and Melting points Purpose: In the fist experiment, impure Vanillin was purified through the process of recrystallization. Desired solutes were recovered through the technique of vacuum filtration, and then dried to take percent recovery In the second experiment, a percent recovery of the recrystallized Vanillin from the first experiment was performed. The percent recovery of Vanillin was 77.18% A mixed…

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  • Cupola Sol Case Study

    B.Result and discussion Percentage air voids On the replacement of cupola slag we obtained the result that, on the percentages of 10, 20, 30 and 40 we have the Va values of 4.8, 4, 4.8 and 3.2 % which satisfies the morsth requirement of 3-5% and further we observed that the gradual decrease in the Va values up to 100%. So that for Va the replacement of cupola slag up to 40 % will satisfies the morsth requirement. Percentage of voids in mineral aggregate On the replacement of cupola slag we…

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  • Java Plum Berry Case Study

    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE of Eugenia jambolana Lam., DEFINITION Java plum berry begin to exist in India where it is originally called as Jamun . Eugenia jambolana Lam., is the scientific name of this plant. Jambolan , Jambas , Jambul , Jamali , Jambul, Black Plum, Java Plum, Indian Blackberry, Jamblang, etc. are just some of the other common names of Java plum berry from different parts of the world . It belongs to the Myrtaceae family or Syzygium cumini (also called as Syzygium jambolanum…

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  • Soap Vs Detergent

    The Difference between Detergent and Soap The reason for this case study is to dissect the Difference between detergent and soap. In this case study, I will define the meaning of the cleaning agents, I will give you an introductory, I will discover how they are made, I will discover how they work, and why one cleaning agents is better than the other. This case study will be designed using the descriptive scientific method. The meanings of Detergent and Soap A detergent is a substance that cleans…

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