A Defense of Abortion

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  • Analysis Of Don Marquis's 'Why Abortion Is Immoral'

    Are the vast majority of abortions immoral? In “ Why Abortion is Immoral”, Don Marquis argues that they are immoral because the typical fetus has a future like ours so to kill it is to deprive it of a future of value. Marquis’ argument rests on the assumption that the morality of abortion depends on the moral status of the typical fetus and whether killing it is morally wrong. In “A Defense of Abortion”, Judith Jarvis Thomson challenges this assumption by using several analogies to show that…

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  • Kant Against Abortion

    the United States today is abortion. Abortion is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy” (Fowler). In 2005 the United states alone was averaging approximately 1.21 million abortions a year (Abortion Facts). That means that from 2005-2015 approximately 12.1 million fetuses were terminated in the United States. Groups in the United States who are pro-life (anti-abortion) have been taking a stand and have been shutting down abortion clinics all over the…

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  • The Ethical Theory Of Abortion: The Consequences Of Morality

    horrifying reality linked to abortion, the debate about allowing abortion in a moral society has never ceased. There are various ethical theories that would support abortion based on some arguments. The theory argues that the moral rightness is based on the total good the consequences of a certain activity (Sinnott-Armstrong, 1). According to the consequentialist ethical theory, a consequentialist would first enquire on the consequences allowing the abortion and not allowing abortion. The…

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  • Argument On Abortion

    The abortion debate is a heated topic in today’s world, which asks whether or not it is moral to have an abortion instead of carrying the child to full term and having the child. While some people think that abortion is always morally wrong, some believe that abortion is always morally right. For the sake of my argument, I will argue that abortion is morally acceptable in all cases. Whether it’s because the mother cannot care for the baby, or if the mother is going to have health issues as a…

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  • Roe Vs. Wade's Argument Against Abortion

    Abortion to some is considered murder, and to others it is a “woman’s right.” (224) People have many different viewpoints when it comes to abortion. There are those in favor, and those not in favor. One example for those in favor of abortion is the court decision established in 1973 known as Roe vs. Wade. This decision made it illegal for states to ban abortion. A woman is permitted to have an abortion performed if the fetus is six months old or younger. It is illegal to have an abortion…

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  • Don Marquis Abortion

    The right for a woman to receive an abortion has been argued endlessly throughout political, moral, and religious debates. Of these three topics, the morality of an abortion is the most detrimental decision, because an individual’s moral standpoints lead to their political and religious beliefs, resulting in their actions. When analyzing the issue of abortion there are many factors that support the view that abortion is moral in almost all cases. This perspective can be supported with the basis…

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  • Police Must Follow The Law Essay

    Police Must Follow the Law (Most of the Time) There is no easy conclusion regarding the case of Jay Jones. While the national law for post-birth abortion is legal and binding, the law may not be legal under United Nations international treaties and statutes. The police might be liable under international law while they have no liability in the United States. The officer must weight utilitarian concerns with what is best for the greater good, with deontological concerns over absolute moral…

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  • Planned Parenthood Annotated Bibliography

    parenthood-scandal-beyond-the-morality-police/ Adam Erickson approaches the problem from a completely different angle. Rather than focusing on the dilemma he goes into detail about why it is a dilemma. It is mentioned that he personally hates abortions, however recognizes the logic of both sides. He states that both viewpoints have good goals in mind, regardless both viewpoints have negative effects. Some sources are provided, but this article is about logic rather than plain facts. Despite…

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  • Research Paper On Women's Rights

    Wade ruling on abortion. The verdict was that abortion was legal, but just barely with a 5 to 4 ratio. The cause of this case was that women believe they have a right to privacy concerning their bodies, and thus abortion should be a legal activity. Two of the seven judges were very disapproving of the verdict believing that it was their responsibility to protect the potential of lives conceived through a fetus. The result of this ruling legalized abortion; Court justices ruled that…

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  • Arguments Against Elective Abortion

    Abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy when there are no serious health risks has been a controversial topic for quite some time. The main argument against elective abortion is that it infringes upon the fetus’s right to life. As well, opponents state that it dismisses any potential future the fetus may have had as a human being and therefore takes away from society by depriving it of a potential successful member of society. However, these arguments can be dismissed when considering the…

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