A Defense of Abortion

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  • The Importance Of Planned Parenthood

    funding due to it’s inclusion of abortion services to women. As recent as December 2015, the Senate came one step closer to blocking all deferral funding to the largest women’s health care organization, Planned Parenthood. This is the Republican Parties (Grand Old Party, GOP) latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act that was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010. Congress and the GOP wants to strip Planned Parenthood’s funding because of the centers abortion services, but…

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  • Pro Abortion Cons

    Abortion has been one of the most argued topics in the United States for the last couple of decades. Abortion has become a key point in politics, it can be the decider if someone will vote for you or not. Obviously each side has their own defenses to abortion, but I don’t think as a country we’ll ever reach a consensus on what the right thing is. I’m pro choice because I don’t think we have the right to tell someone what to do with their own body especially when that person is a woman. Also I’m…

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  • Consequentialism And Deontology

    with the best response to the question of abortion. In order to do so, this paper will proceed three-fold. First, this paper will defend one consequentialist argument for abortion, using a thought experiment to illustrate the point. Subsequently, this paper will consider one reply from a deontological point of view. Lastly, this paper will show how virtue ethics is able to avoid the drawbacks of both the traditional approaches by reformulating the abortion question. A consequentialist argument…

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  • Analysis Of Noonan's Argument From Probabilities

    1. What is Noonan 's "Argument from Probabilities?" How does this argument work, and what does he think it implies about the morality or immorality of abortion? The argument from probabilities is not aimed at establishing an objective discontinuity which may be taken into account in moral disclosure. Life itself is a matter of probabilities, as most moral reasoning is an estimate of probabilities. It seems in accord with the structure of reality and the nature of moral thought to found a moral…

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  • Should Planned Parenthood Be Funded?

    21 million abortions each year. Although being a place where health care is provided, planned parenthood has been at the center of many religious, political, and moral discussions and…

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  • Essay On Typical Abortion

    Intro Baby killing. Women’s rights. The progressive awful left wing nuts. The old fashion stubborn right wing bible huggers. Abortion. Killing what we all once started as, but of course a much more minute version of the person you are today. Females get abortions for various reasons. For instance, their are simple cases such as the mother “accidentally” getting pregnant but doesn’t have the financial stability to deal with a child. Or much more extreme cases such as the women becoming…

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  • The Dangers Of Abortion: Casey V. Planned Parenthood

    case as excuses, why abortion has remained such a polarizing issue in American society in the decades following the Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade, in 1973. Roe v. Wade made abortions prior to the last three months of pregnancy legal and required “the state to justify any interference with the abortion decision by showing that it had a ‘compelling interest’ in doing so” (“Roe v. Wade - Then and Now”). In the case Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992) the new standard for abortion rights came to…

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  • Donald Trump's Abortion Debate

    our country to a better place, their viewpoints on abortion, gun control, and same-sex marriage demonstrate how different they are. First and foremost, Trump and Clinton both have different beliefs discussing the topic, abortion. Donald Trump is pro-life, meaning he opposes abortion. Donald Trump does not agree…

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  • Analysis Of Judith Thomson's Arguments Against Abortion

    defending abortion, in which she believes that it is not morally plausible to deny a mother complete rights and jurisdiction over her own body when impregnated. Ultimately, I believe the person carrying the fetus has the right to decide whether to abort or not, which defends Thomson’s argument. Thomson discusses certain thought-experiments which are hypothetical situations that I believe help prove the point that abortion is necessary in many situations. Without the option of abortion, women…

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  • Pro Life Argument From Substantial Identity: A Defense By Patric Lee

    having an abortion without ridicule and without reason. Incest is a real thing and is unfortunate but a girl at the age of 12 should not have to go through a pregnancy. There are pro-lifers who say no matter what if a woman is pregnant she should not be allowed to have an abortion. But in other countries people do not have the luxury of openly speaking their mind. It is easy to say abortion is wrong and you are weak if you have an abortion. But on the contrary, woman who do have an abortion are…

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