Is Abortion Permissible Essay

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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by surgical or with the use of medicated drugs. Abortions have been practiced for many centuries. “The earliest description of abortion comes from the Eber Papyrus, in 1550 BCE” (Tom Head). Prolife side argues that all humans have the right to life. Also prolife supporters say a fetus is human as soon as the sperm enters into the egg. The fetus has the right to life and abortion should be illegal. However, prochoice side claims that all humans have the right of bodily self-determination and women also are human. All humans in biological sense are human with moral sense. Overall women have the right to bodily self-determination. The two political sides are trying to determine if abortion should …show more content…
If the fetus is more than two to three months old abortions should never be permissible. If the abortion is done on purpose to save the mother’s life, a pregnancy of rape or for finance causes than abortion should be permissible. For example, if a women who is in the low class economic status gets raped, should not have to give birth to the child if she does not want to. If a women knows that she and the partner cannot provide for a child finically even with welfare, abortion should be permissible. In this case I agree with all humans in biological sense are human with moral sense up until three months. Also women have the right to bodily self-determination. I am on the political side …show more content…
It is a natural women’s right as if it is a women’s right to vote. It’s the women who holds the child and has to go through the pain of birth. Depending on a house situation on the mother or the baby, the mother should have the right to say if should keep the baby or not in a life or death situation. If a mother knows she is going to die, and the child is going to live motherless, should this be her fault? If the mother knows that the child is going to live a painful life with health problems should this be the mothers fault? Therefore the mother is responsible to make the decision for the abortion.

Some people argue and say abortion is killing an innocent person. Also say killing an innocent human is wrong so therefore abortion is wrong (Lewis Vaughn). People say that most women go through mental changes after abortion and it is difficult to forget what they have done. “Life starts at the moment of conception and is unsafe” (TFP Student Action). Some people say too many abortions happen after the twelve week

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