A Defense of Abortion

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  • A Defense Of Abortion Analysis

    Defense of Abortion In the article a Defense of Abortion, they convey both sides as if a fetus is a human being when conceived, or it is not a human being. Many spend time trying to figure out if the fetus is a human being, others say that a fetus isn’t when first conceived. They are many circumstances to abortion, is it right to kill a fetus if you have been raped? These are the arguments that most people argue about, to try and difference between what is immorally wrong. They say that all have a right to life, is this true during most circumstances. Rape, effects both the mother and the child’s life in so many ways. Is it her right, to decide whether to abort the fetus, or to raise the child and have to tell them why they are in the world…

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  • A Defense For Abortion Analysis

    Is abortion moral or immorally justified? Well, to understand abortion, let’s look at a particular situation that will help us answer this question. Mr and Mrs. Smith are struggling economically and have two children. They eventually, and unfortunately, find out that she is pregnant even though they were using contraception. Since they are not economically situated to have another baby, they decide to abort. Is their decision to have an abortion justified? I will argue that it is not justified…

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  • In Defense Of Abortion Essay

    the highly controversial topic of abortion and whether it should be allowed or outlawed. These two factions on opposite sides are pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice supporters in essence believes a woman has the right to an abortion if she decides to do so. On the other hand, pro-life supporters believe the fetus is its own human being and has the right to live, thus an abortion cannot be performed on the woman. Judith Jarvis Thomson, a philosophy professor supports the right to an abortion in…

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  • Summary: A Defense Of Abortion

    The topic of abortion is a debate that was always prominent, but today it is even more discussed due to the upcoming election. Each of the candidates running to become the next president of the United States has different arguments about abortion and whether it should be legal or not. Also, parts of these arguments consists of in what point of pregnancy can abortion still be permissible? A Defense of Abortion, written by Judith Jarvis Thomson supports the right of abortion. She grants the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Abortion

    So the fetus has a right to life. No doubt the mother has a right to decide what shall happen in and to her body; everyone would grant that. But surely a person’s right to life is stronger and more stringent than the mother’s right to decide what happens in and to her body, and so outweighs it. So the fetus may not be killed; an abortion may not be performed.” The remainder of her paper is a series of analogies meant to challenge the basic argument mention above. When looking at the analogies…

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  • Summary Of A Defense Of Abortion By Thomson

    In ‘A Defense of Abortion’, Thomson argues for the fact that there are certain cases where abortion is permissible and certain cases where abortion is impermissible. Thomson starts her argument by explaining that people contemplate their views on abortion by trying to determine a specific time period of when a fetus is considered a human being – some believe this is at contraception and others believe this is at birth. Whatever the case, Thomson uses an analogy of an acorn to demonstrate a…

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  • Analysis Of A Defense Of Abortion By Thomson

    Bodily integrity, the idea that the physical body is inviolable, emphasizing the right people have to their own body. This is Judith Thomson’s main argument in the defense of abortion and how it is permissible in some cases. In “ A Defense of Abortion”, by Thomson she claims that abortion is permissible in some cases when using bodily integrity as their defense. She states that the right to life is not an absolute right. Therefore, in some cases abortion is morally permissible. She uses an…

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  • Thomson Defense Of Abortion Analysis

    Abortion has been a controversial ethical topic ever since the renowned Roe v. Wade decision permitted women to have the right to have an abortion. Thomson’s main argument is that the right to life is not an absolute right, and therefore in some cases abortion is morally permissible: those three cases being 1) the right to life does not include the rights to another person’s body without the person’s voluntary consent (cases of rape), 2) the fetus is a threat to the pregnant woman and 3) the…

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  • Thomson's Essay, A Defense Of Abortion

    Question 1: In Thomson’s piece of writing, “A Defense of Abortion” she argues that fetuses have a right to live unless the mother decides to have an abortion because she has been raped. Thomson says she grants that the fetus has a right to live at the moment of conception, but goes on to say that ‘it’s not self-evident that a fetus’s right to life will always outweigh the mother’s right to determine what goes on in her body. Therefore, Thomson concludes that abortion is permissible even if…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion Thomson Analysis

    Judith Jarvis Thomson argues that abortion is justifiable due to the fact that in the early stages of pregnancy the unborn child is only a clump of cells and tissues. I, however will argue that Thomson’s views are inadequate due to simple life cycles and the false pretenses that an unborn child isn’t a real “person”. Thomson who, although has some very useable points from her paper “A Defense of Abortion” I still would have to disagree and stand firm in my position of anti-abortion. But we…

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