A Defense of Abortion

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  • A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson Summary

    A Defense of Abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson Right off the bat the title may be a little deceptive but I am in accordance with Thomson and argue that abortion is not impermissible and do not argue that it is always permissible. For my reading response, I want to focus on a mother’s rights and choices when it comes to abortions, taking inspiration from Thomson’s consideration and rebuttal of several “plausible arguments” given as to why and when abortion is not permissible. To start…

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  • Judith Jarvis Thomson's A Defense Of Abortion: Comparison

    Abortion is the planned termination of a human pregnancy. Several philosophers and activists have argued over if it is permissible. The author of A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson, is correct about her argument that abortion is permissible even if the fetus is a person. This is because a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, which, combined with the woman’s own right to life, takes precedent over a fetus’s right to life. Even if people claim that she gave the fetus permission to be there,…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion Judith Jarvis Thomson Analysis

    In Judith Jarvis Thomson’s paper, “A Defense of Abortion,” Thomson clearly supports abortion even if the fetus is considered a person. In his argument, Thomson tells us to imagine that we were kidnapped and placed into a room side by side with a famous violinist. The reason we are kidnapped was because the famous violinist has a fatal kidney ailment and we have the right blood type that will aid the famous violinist from the poisons in his kidney. In this scenario, we have to stay side by side…

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  • Analysis Of Judith Jarvis Thomson's A Defense Of Abortion

    -Judith Jarvis Thomson is a moral philosopher, who wrote A Defense of Abortion in1971. This piece of writing is still causing uproar even in the present time over the continuous argument of abortion. She is for abortion in the right circumstances, and in order to fight the people against her, she wrote this piece of writing. In this text, she states that a fetus is not a person and does not have the right to life, but in order to fight against objections towards her she agrees that a fetus is a…

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  • Analysis: A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    idea of bodily autonomy is heavily stressed in her paper, “A Defense of Abortion”. Most of those who are against abortion tend to use the point that a fetus is a person as their major leg to stand on. Thomson argues that they fail to discuss what is impermissible about abortion. She provides strong reasoning for why abortion should be allowed and still makes the distinction that some cases should not permit it. “While I do argue that abortion is not impermissible, I do not argue that it is…

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  • Judith Thomson's A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Thomson

    isn’t, but rather to make it clear that even if we consider a fetus to be a person, that abortion can still be morally permissible. This weakens her argument a great deal, instead of providing a proscriptive criterion to base the morality of abortion on, she simply provides what may be a series of fringe cases to establish that while abortion is normally wrong, it isn’t always so. Thomson’s argument on abortion is fundamentally deontological. She presents the view that the right of the mother…

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  • Summary Of A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    A moral philosophy called Judith Jarvis Thomson,came up with “A Defense of Abortion” in 1971.When it comes to argument of the right to life,According to experiments, he argue that fetus has the right to life though the pregnant woman has the right to control her own body.He disagree that abortion is morally impermissible.(Thomson,1971) Long time ago,abortion was considered in the context of gender selection,family planning,population control.First and foremost,almost every family want to…

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  • Analysis Of Judith Jarvis Thompson's Article: A Defense Of Abortion

    the article, “A Defense of Abortion” by philosopher, Judith Jarvis Thompson. The purpose of this paper is to attempt to give an explanation on which normative theory works in favor with her article and view some actions from a consequentialist utilitarian perspective. Her thesis is: Abortion is sometimes, but not…

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  • Analysis Of Judith Jevis Thomson's Article, A Defense Of Abortion

    In the article titled “A Defense of Abortion” published in 1971 in Wilby, author Judith Jevis Thomson strongly supports the idea of abortion. Thomson believes that abortion should not be considered immoral and every woman should be able to decide what she wants to do with her body. Thomson supports her arguments by using examples comparing the life of a fetus inside the mother’s womb to the life of a violinist without kidneys. Author John T. Noonan argues against abortion in his article titled…

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  • Republican Party Research Paper

    conducted through internet searches, and cross comparing the sites to each other to provide accuracy. I the ideologies of the Republican Party nearly match my own in the areas of abortion, defense spending, foreign policy, social welfare, and the federal budget. Abortion The Republican Party is strictly against abortion and associated…

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