A Defense of Abortion

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  • A Defense Of Abortion And Hursthouses Virtue Theory And Abortions

    December 2016 Thomson vs. Hursthouse In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting Thomsons A Defense of Abortion and Hursthouses Virtue Theory and Abortions. Also in my paper I will be sharing my opinion on abortion and which view I agree with. The two share similar concerns of abortion and that is if the status of the fetus is a human being or a clump of cells and also the right of the woman. Abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy most often performed during the first twenty…

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  • Analysis: A Defense Of Abortion By Jarvis Thomson

    Abortion is an immensely controversial topic in today’s society. Jarvis Thomson makes many arguments on the topic of abortion in the writing of “A Defense of Abortion”. In today’s society, there are many different stances on abortion that include a variety of concepts and situations to consider. Jarvis Thomson says that abortion can be permissible. Many people can concure to that saying babies are innocent and do not mean to harm a mother, but a mother has a right to her body. Many say that the…

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  • Summary Of A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Thomson

    Thomson, in “A Defense of Abortion”, argues her thoughts towards abortion, by using forms of analogies and acknowledges the right to life a fetus has, but also argues that the unborn baby’s right to life does not over ride the pregnant women’s right to make choices and have control over her body. There will be analogy examples in which there are different stated scenarios of a pregnant woman where you will find yourself comparing the scene to an analogy. In order, to justify whether an abortion…

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  • Analysis Of A Defense On Abortion By Judith Thomson

    Judith Thompson on a Defense on Abortion Is abortion a morally permissible act? Some people’s radical point of view vary from the abortion being “murder of innocents” to “there’s nothing wrong with it” while other believe that depending on the stage of the pregnancy or the circumstances the woman got pregnant, abortion may be morally permissible. Judith Thomson in her essay “A Defense on Abortion” provides an essay that explains with particular examples when an abortion is morally permissible.…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    A Defense of Abortion is an article written by Judith Jarvis Thomson about the reasons why women that are pregnant have the right and should have ability to perform an abortion if they choose to do so. Judith gives reasons and examples to why women have the right to abort the fetus if they want to do so. I completely disagree with his arguments. I firmly believe that a fetus has just as much as a right to life, then the mother that is birthing the child. First off, we must define when exactly a…

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  • A Defense Of Abortion Is Immoral By Judith Thomson

    The most common question asked in abortion debates is whether or not a fetus is a person. In “A Defense of Abortion” by Judith Thomson, she argues that abortion can be morally permissible even if you consider the fetus a person. In “Why Abortion is Immoral” by Don Marquis, the author argues that the fetus is not a person but robbing it of a future like ours is unethical. Like Thomson, I believe there are circumstances where abortion is permissible. I believe when the mother’s life is in danger,…

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  • Summary Of Judith Thomson's Defense Of Abortion

    Abortion is a growing controversial issue in the world today, mainly in the United States. “Abortion is one the most common medical performed in the United States each year” (Suzann, 1). The issue has become more prominent as years’ progress for a variety of reasons, to include the fact that the “traditional” family’s existence is fading. Abortion became legalized during the Roe v Wade case in 1973, now a little over one million abortions are performed each year. Women are becoming undesirably…

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  • Analysis Of Thompson's Essay, A Defense Of Abortion

    essay,’ A defense of Abortion,’ that abortion is; morally permissible in the instance of rape or possible health complications that would endanger the life of the mother, and morally permissible in other circumstances due to the mother’s right to her own body outweighing the child’s right to live in the circumstance that the parents took the appropriate precautions to prevent pregnancy. Thompson’s violinist case provides a strong conclusive argument for the moral permissibility of abortion in…

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  • Judith Jarvis Thomson's Argument In Defense Of Abortion

    In this decade, Americans have been deeply polarized over the controversial issue of abortion. Although some might say abortion is reasonable, others believe that no one but God has the right to take someone’s life. The main question that derives from the abortion argument asks if abortion is morally impermissible on the basis that it violates the fetus’s right to life. In this sense, I discuss that the fetus is debatably declared a living person which then should have a right to life. The right…

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  • Analysis: A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thompson

    All Persons Have a Right to Life The idea of abortion is always a tough subject to talk about. Some people believe it is morally right to have an abortion but some people like Judith Jarvis Thomson think it is wrong to have an abortion. Thompson does just argue that abortion is wrong, she claims that abortion can be justifiable. Judith is right in her belief that abortion is wrong because the fetus is an innocent person and killing an innocent person is always wrong. Most importantly she…

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