A Defense Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

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A Defense of Abortion is an article written by Judith Jarvis Thomson about the reasons why women that are pregnant have the right and should have ability to perform an abortion if they choose to do so. Judith gives reasons and examples to why women have the right to abort the fetus if they want to do so. I completely disagree with his arguments. I firmly believe that a fetus has just as much as a right to life, then the mother that is birthing the child.
First off, we must define when exactly a fetus is a human being. Judith disagrees with the assumption that the fetus is indeed a human being at the moment of conception. Judith gives the example of an acorn and an oak tree, “A newly fertilized ovum, newly implanted clump of cells, is no more
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Some would say that the right to life does not include the right to be given anything, but amounts to, and only to, the right not to be killed by anybody. Or others describe their right to life as something that you are given at the beginning of your life, and can never be taken back, it is the freedom of speech, freedom to who you want to be, and freedom to the pursuit of happiness. I believe in the ladder, I think that we are all given the right to free speech, be who we want to be, and be able to pursue happiness, with whatever makes us happy. Discussing abortion, if the fetus is indeed a human being, which I believe that it is, they are given these rights. The same rights that the mother has, so this should in fact stop abortions given that both humans have the same …show more content…
I completely disagree. I believe that from the moment of conception that the embryo is indeed a human being because of its genetic make-up. I also stated that if indeed you do allow mothers to abort their children for any reason besides rape or extreme medical reasons, you are committing murder on an innocent person and you should have the same consequences as does someone who kills a living and breathing person. I then discuss the only fair reasons to have an abortion. I gave to specific reasons which are both very grey at times and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I discussed rape being grounds of having an abortion. I then discussed how extreme medical reasons for the mother birthing the child could be a fair reason to have an abortion. I then discuss how Judith Thomson goes into full detail about what the right to life is. I discussed what I feel as if is the right to life for everyone. In conclusion, Abortion is really something that should be looked at thoroughly and discussed by the government and there should be laws and amendments set in stone to prevent innocent babies from being killed on a regular

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