A Defense of Abortion

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  • Don Marquis Abortion Philosophy Essay

    Philosophy Paper Don Marquis claims that abortion is immoral and therefore impermissible in most cases. I will argue that abortion is not immoral and should be permissible in all cases. Marquis says abortion is immoral because you take away the fetus’ right to a future like ours. He believes this is the same as killing an adult human, which is considered immoral. He argues that killing an adult human is wrong and the adult has the same value as a fetus then abortion is also wrong. In his…

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  • Noonan's Argument Against Abortion

    Abortion is a highly talked about concept. There are many people that believe that it should be supported and that women have a right over their own body. However, others in society believe that it is an unholy and unjust act to partake in. There is rarely anyone that is in the middle or on the fence about this argument. Many people have very concrete and distinct opinions based on abortion. Abortion is an argument that is widely discussed within society and brought up a lot in different…

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  • Why Should Abortion Be Illegal?

    Abortion should be Illegal “Abortion is feticide in a new language intended to make what is evil sound acceptable” (Williams). An abortion is defined as the termination of a human baby. There are various arguments for whether abortion should be legal or illegal. Pro-life fighters are the people who fight for the lives of the babies that are being aborted, and pro-choice people are those who believe that the women have the choice over what she wants to do. The abortion topic has been debated by…

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  • Democratic And Republican Views

    that will be covered is abortion, taxes, immigration, military spending, and gun control. Do you know if you are a Republican or Democratic? If not after this paper you will know if your a Republican or Democratic. Are you for abortion? Do you like strict tax laws? How do you feel on immigration? Do we need protection or any military spending? Do you want to be able to feel protected and not insecure? I will clarify the differences between to two political parties. Abortion is the deliberate…

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  • Anti Abortion Movements

    recognized that current abortion methods were resulting in high mortality rates, and the unsafe practice was outlawed for the sake of women’s health. Despite the United State's ban on abortion, which lasted for more than a half-century, illegal abortions continued, particularly among poor women without access to or knowledge of contraception.As abortion procedures were studied and improved, many states began to mitigate their old abortion laws. Some states, however, still forbade abortions…

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  • Is Killing Morally Wrong

    act. The following will rank six acts of killing on a spectrum in terms of morality. Six is the least immoral act and one is the most immoral. After each ranking, there will be an explanation on the moral reasons for its location. 6. Elective Abortion Abortion is a complex issue because the whole argument is usually made reliant on if and when a fetus becomes a human being. This aspect…

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  • Analysis Of Abortion By Judith Thomson

    claim that, even if a fetus is a person, abortion is still permissible if the pregnancy was unwilling (i.e rape) or if the pregnancy is a threat to the mother’s health/life. Exposition (492) In Thomson’s paper, she discusses abortion considering the following is true: The human embryo is a person. And so my exposition and my argument will follow the same premise. She does not argue that abortion is permissible or impermissible, but rather she argues that abortion is permissible in certain…

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  • Essay On Abortion Is Not Murder

    unborn fetus has raged throughout recent history with many good arguments both upholding and criticizing the legality of abortion. Is legal abortion considered murder? What is murder and how do you define when killing is or is not a murder? This debate is a moral and ethical one. Early term abortions should not be considered murder; nevertheless, people disagree about abortion because essentially we disagree about what defines human nature (Head, 2015). First, determine the definition of…

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  • Abortion Concept

    Abortion and the Concept of a Person Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade case in 1973 legalized abortion, it has continued to be one of the most highly debated issues in the country. According to Mario Derksen, “Abortion is the unnatural termination of a pregnancy by killing (at least) one human fetus” (Derksen). There are two main sides to the abortion argument. Conservatives believe the life begins at conception; thus abortion is murder. On the other hand, liberals believe that…

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  • Rosalind Hursthouse Use Of Virtue Theory

    In this paper, I will explain both of their arguments for the moral grounds of abortion and explain how Thomson’s analogy of the “world’s famous violinist” differs from abortion, which weakens it. Rosalind Hursthouse is a Professor of Philosophy at University of Auckland, and in her paper, “Virtue Theory and Abortion”, she uses virtue theory to respond to critics by using it how it may be show in the debate of abortion. (Hursthouse 849) Hursthouse begins her paper with explaining virtue theory,…

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