Democratic Party Vs Republican Party Essay

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The running force behind our country is the government. There are two main branches of that force and that is the democratic and republican parties. Both parties have some similarities, but they mainly have a lot of differences. The Republican Party was formed in 1854 by former Whig party members to try and stop the spread of slavery into the west. The Democratic Party was formed around 1828. The two Parties started out as a single party, with a common goal. As the years went past the Party became two Parities with the Republican fading out for almost 30 years. The Republican Party has a strong stance on gun control. The belief is that we have the second amendment and that it should not be interfered with by anyone. The citizens have a right to bear arms and protect themselves against foreign and domestic terrorist. The perceived thought is that it’s a violation of our rights as citizens to interfere with that right. It’s also a violation of privacy for honest citizens to have to do a federal registration of firearms that are bought. This is one subject that the Party feels strongly about, in trying to protect, with everything that is happening right now in the country with the mass shootings. The Democratic Party stance on gun control is a lot stricter. The Party, still wants to allow …show more content…
It’s between her and whoever else may be involved, but it is ultimately her decision. Belief is that religion should not play a role in it as the views of state and religion should be kept separate. Support adoption and family planning that way the child can still have a chance to find a loving home. Believe adoption should be an option if the woman wants it. It should be private and not made public, like with any other medical history. They support alternatives if a woman gets pregnant, but believe ultimately is up to the woman and her constitutional rights should not be infringed

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