Persuasive Essay On Republican Party

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Global warming is turning into a huge problem today. Oil spills are happening, more and more pollution is being put into the air and causing problems with the ecosystem. Citizens see that this is evolving more and more each day and the government is just ignoring it for “bigger problems”. The ocean is being polluted and millions of dollars are spent almost every year trying to fix it the problem temporarily. The Democrats would like to fix all these environmental problems but they need to pass more laws for it and they must have the other party vote for those laws, which seems to be a challenge.
Republicans would like to continue to spend more and more money on wars instead of putting it towards education, roads and other necessities that we need on an everyday bases. On the other hand Democrats
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Their beliefs are that education is very important and should be available to all citizens unlike the Republicans. Continuing to fight in wars that we are not involved in is a waste of money and time. It is also a waste of money and time to start wars like the Republicans think that should be started. The Republicans make it out to be that the United States likes to go to war and that we are the best at it with all of our technology and resources. The cause of the debt today in our government is mainly because of how much money is spent on wars and new military tactics and equipment.
Same sex marriage and same sex adoption should be equal according to the Democratic party. Since they are all for equality, no matter someone’s gender or race, they should be able to have the same qualifications as any other couple trying to get married or adopting a child. Republicans suppose that same sex marriage is against God’s will, that it is a sin. Republicans are more religious than Democrats. Republicans also suppose that a child growing up in an environment with same sex couples will create a trend of sin in the world. Democrats of

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