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  • Han Chinese Ethnic Relations Essay

    very controversial to this day because some might argue that the CCP did the right thing in marching into Tibet and liberating its people from the feudal government while others argue that the CCP marched into Tibet for its own interests. This issue is still a very controversial topic to this day. In addition, after the Ganden Phodrang government was kicked out by the CCP, forced them into exile in 1951 they are still protesting around the world and drawing attention to themselves by saying that Tibet should be an independent state. Similarly, in Xinjiang, the Uyghur are facing similar situations as with the Tibetans. In Xinjiang today, the CCP is putting a very tight control over the Uyghur due to the terrorist-related activities that occurred across China in recent years linked to the Uyghur. The Uyghur American Association, which is an association that is trying to raise awareness about Xinjiang and the Uyghur people in how Xinjiang should be an independent state and the CCP government, mistreats the Uyghur people. However, despite all these negative information about the ethnic relations that the CCP has set up against these two groups, the majority of the ethnic groups in China are treated in a respected and fair manner. Since 1949, after the CCP liberated China, the CCP government has come up with numerous policies and laws that give the ethnic minority groups in China many privileges. The privileges are; first, the ethnic minority groups do not have to follow the…

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  • Separatism In China

    restrict the power of religion and their leaders. On the other hand, Muslim has long experienced the problem of radicalization. Xinjiang is no exception. Muslim Separatism, denoted by central government as Eastern Turkestan, is at least the most nominal reason behind the tension and unrest. This is also the state-endorsed cause for the conflicts; in 2004, Chinese President Hu Jintao identified…

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  • Religion In China Essay

    Christianity or Judaism. There are two branches of Islam: Sunni and Shiite, as well as Sufism. The Quran is the source of Islamic teachings. Despite its origins in the Middle East, Islam can also be found in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and even China, among many others . Islam is the major religion of at least ten of China’s ethnic groups. The Hui are the largest group. But it is also the major religion of the Turkic-speaking ethnic group, the Uighurs, of Xinjiang Autonomous Region to…

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  • Identity In China

    Humans have many different characteristics that make up their identity. It could include their nationality, ethnicity, tribe, religion, etc. That is only one aspect of what makes an identity, the other would be how strong a person feels about one part of their identity over the other. If you asked an American citizen who they were, what would they answer? Would they say that firstly they are American, Baptist, White, or some other characteristic? Would they be willing to compromise the very…

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  • Ethnicity And Ethnicity In China

    Among these the policy of regional autonomy for minorities is the most fundamental. Under this policy, five autonomous regions; Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Ningxia and Tibet, as well as diverse autonomous prefectures, counties, nationality townships and towns have been set up. An autonomous region is a first-level managerial subdivision of China. Like Chinese provinces, an autonomous region has its own local government, but an autonomous region has more legislative rights. An autonomous…

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  • Norimitsu Onishi Summary

    Griest’s experiences in China do not support Norimitsu Onishi’s argument that the Chinese have a more inclusive definition of identity than the Japanese, due to China’s desire to create national unity under one cultural identity. According to Onishi, “Chinese identity has transcended from a long cultural and linguistic tradition that has been passed on to fourth-generation Chinese-American students, or the children of Chinese operating a restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. Overseas Chinese are able to…

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  • The Mid-Autumn Festival In My Family

    The Mid-autumn Festival is an important holiday for Chinese people and I would like to discuss the meal on the Mid-autumn Festival in my family. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Traditionally, the meal is used to celebrate harvest because many crops, such as corn, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, and peanut, are harvested in autumn. Today, more and more people do not plant crops and the meal is gradually becoming a get-together meal for…

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  • Hong Kong Tourism Case Study

    cultural experiences can fascinate more tourists. Lastly, the strategic infrastructure projects increase the sources of tourists. One of the evidence is that Michael Wu Siu-ieng, the chairman of the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council, stated that the tourism boost could result in a double-digit percentage rise in the number of mainland visitors arriving once high-speed rail connected less accessible regions of the country to the city. (Dennis, 2010) Because he is a profession in the tourism…

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  • Short Summary: Human Rights Violations In China

    They also like to restrict freedom of religion, so people can’t even worship in peace. The Government also continued to restrict freedom of movement, meaning they do not have the ability to move about where they please, their human rights are quite sad to say the least. They even have discrimination and violence against women. The Government continued to restrict tightly worker rights, and forced labor in prisons. A lot of the more serious human rights violation will end up in some minority…

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  • Kite Runner Personal Essay Examples

    With these chitchats, Chinese, the hardest, most baffling, language, became the most beautiful and connectable language for me next to Persian. While still in middle school I felt responsible to help my Persian family, friends and teachers with the everyday language barriers they encountered. My expanded knowledge of Chinese language gave me the confidence to adventure in places, unknown to foreigners, study Chinese Painting, travel for eight hours to Xinjiang prefecture to play as a background…

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