Han Chinese Ethnic Relations Essay

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In recent Chinese and Japanese history, the period that was the most important for the development of ethnic relations were different. In China, before 1949, the country was in turmoil where after the 1911 revolution that overthrown the imperial family there was the period of warring states period between the Chinese warlords, foreign invasion from Japan and the civil war between the CCP and the KMT. The ethnic relations were not really at the top of the national agenda when all these chaos were taking place. Therefore, the development of ethnic relations did not start until 1949. In Japan, during the beginning of the 1900s, Japan started to expand its imperial empire, and Japan victimized many ethnic groups like the Ainu group. Moreover, many …show more content…
Third, Han Chinese is important because almost all the ethnic minority within China has to cooperate with the Han since the 1911 revolution because the Han Chinese has been in power in the government. Moreover, China is one of the populous countries in the world and with its population considered 98% Han Chinese; this just further shows how important the Han Chinese are in the world and the Asian society.
Based on the ethnic relation in the 20th Century in China and Japan, the ethnic relations in the 21st Century will no doubt be taking on a positive approach. Because in China, the PRC government has already established numerous beneficial policies that are targeted directly towards the ethnic minorities, and the ethnic minorities in China are enjoying their privileges on a daily basis; they do not have to follow the one-child policy. In Japan, a similar situation is happening where the Japanese government is granting more rights and respect for the ethnic minorities. One case for this is the Zainichi Japanese, which the Zainichi Japanese are receiving more rights in the Japanese society compared to the post-war

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