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  • John Dalton's Law Of Evaporation

    1.1 General Evaporation is the process by which water is converted into gaseous state and is returned to the atmosphere as vapour. Evaporation is an important process in the hydrologic cycle preceding precipitation. It is the process by which water in the liquid form transforms into vapour through the transfer of energy. When water is converted from solid state to vapour state without passing through liquid state then it is called sublimation. In the atmosphere, evaporation occurs from the water…

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  • Expansion Of Buddhism Around The World

    To understand better expansion of Buddhism around the world, which is being practiced by more than 300 million people currently, one needs to look back to its birth and understand the peaceful nature and humanity of Buddhism, it diversity and methods of teaching, which makes it a fit for different cultures and societies. Buddhism was founded in Northeast India in Sixth century B.C. by a young prince who lived a privileged life for 29 years. In this predominantly Hindu land, corruption existed…

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  • Marco Polo Book Report

    the Black Sea. Once he persevered through them, he had to pass through the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. He finally made it to Baghdad. From there, he went to the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and he crossed the Iran Plateau and Pamirs. He made it to Xinjiang after 3 years. In 1275, the ruler of China today, Kublai Khan, brought Marco Polo and those who traveled with him to Dadu (also known as current Beijing). Khan brought Marco Polo to Dadu to go to his court. Khan had him go on a mission which…

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  • How Did Mao Zedong Change Chinese Society

    from urban homes to the countryside and tens of millions were humiliated or tortured”. This is best seen through the story of a Chinese poet named Ai Qing. He and his family, because they thought differently than Zedong, were banished from China to Xinjiang. There they lived in hunger and poverty. Ai Qing watched his family suffer day after day. One Chinese source said, “girls were raped; boys were starved. No wonder older Chinese do not want to revive such memories”. The culture of China…

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  • Baby Squirrel Analysis

    1) Baby Squirrel —> most curious and bold of the animals In This is the Greatest Place!, Baby Squirrel is the most curious and bold of the little animals. It is Baby Squirrel who initially approaches Uncle Builder in the forest, asking him “Sir, are you a woodcutter?” Baby Squirrel follows Rabbit and his friends around for the remainder of the book. Baby Squirrel is also very good at climbing trees, which he does numerous times throughout the story. In China, squirrels (Sōngshǔ; 松鼠) can be…

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  • Aksai Chin Case Study

    How Aksai Chin became the bone of contention? Mohan Guruswamy 1,260 words Indian and Chinese troops are in yet another face-off in the Aksai Chin region. How this cold and wind-swept desert became a seemingly intractable dispute is tale worth telling. It was the ambitions of two Kashmir Maharaja’s that saddled India with its two biggest security challenges. We know how Hari Singh’s vacillation led to the invasion of his realm by the Pakistani raiders in 1947 and what followed is well known. But…

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  • Xenophobia In D. W. Griffith's Film Birth Of A Nation

    Xenophobia is a tradition in America, often manifesting in public policies adversely affecting the targeted group. There were/are other ethnic groups that faced a nationalized form of xenophobia besides Latino Americans in the United States. Indigenous Indians; African-Americans; Italians; Germans; Chinese; and Japanese Americans were all faced with – sometimes government mandated – discrimination. Although African-Americans did not immigrate to America voluntarily, since their arrival via the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of China's Political System

    The basic attribute of the government determines that it is a basic duty of the government to manage the public affairs in any society, and it is also the basic content and the main form of the government 's social management functions. In modern society, the government maybe not the only subject of the management of public affairs, but based on the government 's basic attribute and market economy, the government 's specific position determines that the government is the most basic organization…

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  • Communism In China

    To what extent did the rise of communism in China shape both the Chinese economy and social structure during the 20th century? Part A: Part B: While the long standing history between China and Japan has been filled with conflicts and atrocities, such as the Nanking massacre and the fighting for control of Manchuria in the early 19th century, the rise of communism in China played a large role in both shaping the relations between China and Japan as well as influencing their relationship today.…

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  • The Asiatic Wild Dog

    Interesting facts about the Dhole This animal also referred to as the Asiatic wild dog or the Indian wild dog and is known scientifically as the Cuon alpinus. These social dogs can be found in eastern and central Asia and can be found in areas such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. Dholes live in clans that are large in size and the hierarchy structure of each clan may keep on changing depending on dominance. A clan will also have several females…

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