Short Summary: Human Rights Violations In China

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China has faced many human rights violations, such as freedom, speech and many more. For example, China has trouble protecting the rights of their own people. They have human trafficking still, and they’re government isn’t protecting their people. “Victim got to hug his father and little sister for the first time in years.” “After being taken away from his family through child trafficking.” It took they’re government to find them after 24 years to find one person who was missing. “Sold children for sex and to gain money is a huge business in China.” Again China failed to stop or even start a movement to promote the protection of children. Kids here are not looked after properly. “After the 28 yr. old Chinese man was taken at vegetable market …show more content…
Local authorities who were alerted of the crews/gang’s activities after a woman on a train told police she had been taken against her will in August. Police said that the gang promised the women that they would have job for her, and tours. Then they sold her and other women in the country’s rural regions for between 50,000 to 90,000 Yuan according to Xinhua.
Chinese police have recently made the move to try and watch out for trafficking. In September the police finally announced an to crack down on websites arranging all male tours to Southeast Asian destinations, thought to be a source of trafficking of Chinese
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They also like to restrict freedom of religion, so people can’t even worship in peace. The Government also continued to restrict freedom of movement, meaning they do not have the ability to move about where they please, their human rights are quite sad to say the least. They even have discrimination and violence against women. The Government continued to restrict tightly worker rights, and forced labor in prisons. A lot of the more serious human rights violation will end up in some minority areas, like Tibet and Xinjiang; these are the places where restrictions on religion and other basic freedoms have multiplied over many years. Also China doesn’t stop or think to help the poor in anyway shape or form. They don’t have any type of welfare plan or any way to help the poor. China honestly just sits there and let people suffer. Also with work being done in factories and nobody gets rest or break time. Half the people just work and work they don’t even get a quality education. China still has unfair rights for its people, human rights almost doesn’t exist.
More examples of China and its human rights problems, they have terrorism in their country. This is affecting the people by them living in fear. “Yet it’s hard to see the dialogue giving adequate attention to human rights violations committed under the guise of counter-terrorism.” “Since the counter-terrorism dialogue was all a sudden brought

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