Kite Runner Personal Essay Examples

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Two Women walked past me, and purchased my mother's white puffy wedding dress, that I thought would one day be endowed to me, for as little as nothing. Watching with teary eyes the now empty living room, I knew that my parents were serious about leaving Persia and moving to an unpopular destination, China. rooted in persian culture and courtesy, with a limited view of the world, at only eight years of age, never could have I imagined the events, and experiences that future had in store for me. Driving from the airport to my new home through the hustling, bustling streets of Beijing, I was filled with excitement as I saw through the window the passing lights, tall buildings, and copious bicycle riders. Nonetheless my excitement soon subsided when I faced a language barrier when trying to play and …show more content…
With these chitchats, Chinese, the hardest, most baffling, language, became the most beautiful and connectable language for me next to Persian. While still in middle school I felt responsible to help my Persian family, friends and teachers with the everyday language barriers they encountered. My expanded knowledge of Chinese language gave me the confidence to adventure in places, unknown to foreigners, study Chinese Painting, travel for eight hours to Xinjiang prefecture to play as a background actress in the movie The Kite Runner, and encountered director Marc Forster and the shooting crew. However my seven years of stay in China was not filled with enjoyable experience alone as I often got to see many people spitting on the ground, dogs pooping everywhere, unsanitized street foods, kids with open crotch pants, cigarette butts that could be found everywhere, and bizarre foods, that made my head turn. But I knew just as how I interpret words in context, I have to interpret people's actions in the context of their culture. And before I knew it everything became part of the adventure. I opened my eyes to accept sympathize and love this new culture, this new part of

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