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  • Threeness Of God: The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit

    While there are many theologians who view God as one and the first mode of being due to His role as creator, God is also three in hypostasis or person. The correct description of the plurality or threeness of the Trinity can best be explained in the following depiction: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are truly distinct from one another because of their relationship with one another; however, they are entirely God due to sharing the same essence. This suggests that the threeness of God can be…

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  • Itian Hymn Analysis

    One could describe it as a hymn of praise where the Trinity is exalted. In other words, it is a call to worship where the author expresses the nature and the attributes of God. According to “The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the divinity of Christ can be understood when one believes that Jesus…

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  • Athanasius On The Incarnation

    heretics of the day. What is not as overtly emphasized, but equally important, is the role of the Trinity. Indeed, this book shows that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God, yet they each have important roles to play in the process of salvation. I consider the unity and diversity of the Trinity to be the great theological contribution of this book. Athanasius asserts the presence of the Trinity at the very beginning of God’s plan for humankind, creation. In that section, he refers to…

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  • Eastern And Western Monasticism

    In the span of fifteen hundred years, Eastern and Western Christianity had comparatively been influenced by Jesus’ teachings. The ideology of Jesus Christ included his virginal birth, his death, and resurrection. With this in mind, some of the important reoccurring issues in understanding both concerns for the East and West are founded in the sacramental and liturgical practices. Christ’s death and “resurrection became koinonia: or communion, fellowship, or the church [p. 33, Vol. 1].” The…

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  • Basil's On The Holy Spirit And Morality

    Basil in On the Holy Spirit argues that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are essentially equal in nature. While heretics try to subvert the role of Holy Spirit in the trinity, Basil rightly argues that there is no distinction in authority between the three persons. He argues that from the beginning of time, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were one in the same, and even if someone were to “travel ever so far backward you cannot get beyond the was, and however you may strain and strive to see…

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  • The Holy Spirit And The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit

    spirit, and logos, meaning doctrine. Therefore, using the Greek explanation, pneumatology is the doctrine or study of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is listed as third, not in order of importance, but because Scripture always places Him third when listing the members of the Trinity. Names The Holy Spirit has many different names throughout the Old and New Testament. He is called by all of the following: Holy Ghost, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord,…

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  • Come Thou Almighty King Summary

    As part of a variety of Protestant hymnals, The ITALIAN HYMN is a well-known tune among Christians from several denominations. This particular hymn tune presents a peculiar history that is unique if compared to the history of other hymn tunes. Moreover, the theological message presented in Come Thou Almighty King, which is the hymn text for this tune, is quite remarkable for all Christians. This historiography will examine the ITALIAN HYMN and its theological message. A historical analysis of…

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  • Essay On Baptism

    the act of Baptism, these include: The humanity and divinity of Jesus, The life, death and resurrection of Jesus, The nature of God and the Trinity, Revelation and Salvation. These principal Christian beliefs are linked to Baptism because they signify spiritual rebirth, cleansing and purification in Christ; entering the Christian Church; faith in the Holy Trinity; need for salvation, faith and repentance; the life, death and resurrection of Christ; and the forgiveness of…

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  • Criticism Of Maimonides Argument Against The Nature Of God

    God with attributes which invalidates a perfect God. Even if this is set aside, the predicates of the standard of a perfect and absolute God are again pervaded further when one believes that Jesus of Nazareth as a physical being is a member of the trinity of God, in that God is transformed into an entity that is reflected by matter, and thus made imperfect. This argument seem to echo the case for the unity of God made by Saadya Gaon in his Emunot Ve-Deot. Here, one can find an expanded series of…

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  • The Christian Worldview

    if we so chose to do so. Everyone has their view of the world, as humans all have a choice as to how we see the world through the Christian worldview. In this paper, you will see that the Christian worldview gives us as humans the knowledge of the Trinity, understands that we are sinners and allows us to believe in God, understanding that we can have eternal life by following God’s word. God God is the ultimate reality, the sovereign ruler, and he existed before his creation. There is one God…

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