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  • Summary Of Minority Languages: Chimariko

    Minority Languages: Chimariko All over the world many minority languages are struggling for their existence. At one point in time there was believed to be at least 200,000 languages. Now, there are only 6,909 languages left and even those languages aren’t safe from becoming extinct. Thanks to linguists from all over the world, we have an Ethnologue that keeps track of the vitality of all the different languages. When using the Ethnologue I researched the group of the Chimariko tribe and their language. The Chimariko tribe was one of the smallest tribes to live in the Americas. In 1849 the estimated population of the Chimariko’s was 250. The Chimariko lived up in northwestern California along the twenty-mile stretch of the Trinity River. The…

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  • Enterprise Risk Management Planning

    Types of external considerations within Rutherford County are related to natural disasters, political disasters and macroeconomic shifts, including inflation, rate of growth, and unemployment. As a measure to offset natural disasters, we have relationships with other counties across the state coordinate efforts with our Emergency Management team. Indeed, the county 's mitigation planning efforts consist of local, state, and federal assistance. Unfortunately, there are few measures to plan for…

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  • Pivot Table Report Observations

    Pivot Table / Chart Report Exercise There are four observations in the pivot table, and the one part of pivot table report is about the annual adult care facility, total number of census, SMI and SSI. The other part is about New York State Population, total population and total number of race and ethnicity distribution. The results that I received are come from the data Adult Care Facility Annual Survey and New York State Population. I use the pivot table or chart to get the observations. At the…

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  • Count/Verification Assistant: A Case Study

    Jill started a new job as a count/verification assistant for the Johnson County Board of Elections. After completing her degree, she believed she would have the greatest chance of making a difference in her community and society as a whole. She had completed the counties required training and briefings, read and agree to the terms of the Statement of Secrecy, and she would have no problem with acting impartially at all times and respect confidentiality of material handled. Mark the senior…

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  • My Spiritual Foundation Essay

    parents instilled a foundation of faithfulness that still serves me today. I remember as a young child I would go into my bedroom, put on my Sunday morning suit and tie and “play” church. I would “preach” to my toys and they would all gloriously “get saved.” Church was all I knew growing up. Our family’s life was centered around the church and its ministries and fellowships. My parents switched churches at the beginning of my sixth grade school year. The Church of God did not have much in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Liturgical Worship

    praising Him, venerating Him, and paying homage to Him, not just externally but in our hearts, as well (Isaiah 29:13; 1 Samuel 15:22-23. EVS).” For this reason, God is to be exalted internally, because He controls the very breath in a person’s body. The author, Paul F. M. Zahl charges such worship as a formality of a liturgy worship in some churches, which is outlined in the text: • The first charge, the fundamental and central one, is that formal-liturgical worship quenches the Holy Spirit.…

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  • Itian Hymn Analysis

    One could describe it as a hymn of praise where the Trinity is exalted. In other words, it is a call to worship where the author expresses the nature and the attributes of God. According to “The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the divinity of Christ can be understood when one believes that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God as affirmed in this hymn. T. Rees describes the importance of the church 's worship and doctrine in order to honor God.” Moreover, the unity of God and His power…

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  • Difference Between Military And Worldview

    What is worldview? Worldview is the core principles, guiding beliefs, structures or schematics which shape the most basic understanding and perception of an individual’s view of life and the state of existence. These often take the shape of creeds, values, philosophies, ideologies, or dogmas by which the individual shapes the reality of their purpose or presence within the world. A person’s worldview develops over the course of their life and can change through circumstances, experiences,…

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  • The Holy Spirit And The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit

    doctrines includes the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Upon receiving the gift of salvation, the believer is immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit where He remains for the rest of the believer’s life. As believers who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, it is important to know how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and how we can work with the Holy Spirit to better serve our Lord. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is called Pneumatology. The word pneumatology comes from the two Greek words, pneuma,…

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  • Ron Rolheiser's The Ineffability Of God

    During my early Christian life, I often wondered how does the God look like? I heard people saying testimonies that God spoke to them, they heard the voice of God. But really, Does God speak like normal humans? For me, God is beyond my expectations and he is extraordinary. After reading the article “The Ineffability of God” by Ron Rolheiser, I could easily relate most of the parts mentioned in the article to my life that is, I always escape from thoughts about God’s appearance because I’m…

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