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  • Analysis Of A More Perfect Union

    Have you ever come across someone who couldn’t want anything more than for people to stop judging each other by color, religion or origin? Well, if you have, I guarantee they’re not as dedicated as Barrack Obama is to creating a society that is equal in all aspects. In “A More Perfect Union”, Obama expresses that people should not be focused on physical or background differences, they should be focusing on the issues that we all face in society. The issues such as, schools, healthcare and jobs. How do you we focus on the issues we all face rather than the discrimination and the judging? This reading explains exactly how we accomplish this. I will admit, I’m not into politics, however, I did find A More Perfect Union to be a very moving speech by Barrack Obama. The whole reason this reading was brought about was all based on a video clip of Barack Obama’s pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, making racial comments against America and Israel. The emotion displayed as Obama expresses the days of judging others by their skin color are in the past is a great example of the use of pathos. You can tell he truly believes what he is saying and it comes across very persuasive. He explains how times were, and how we came to be today. Focusing on the logic provides logos to the reading. Obama also tells a story of his origin and a quick summary of how he grew up. This could be considered as a use of ethos, it gives you a background on Obama which characterizes the type of person he is,…

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  • Childhood And Imagination In The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

    Age has always been an issue of mind over matter. Just as age is not limited by how one looks or feels, imagination does not either. It is often the case that age limits imagination, but that is not the true. No one can blame themselves for wanting that sense of creativity to live within for as long as possible, which is exactly how Alice felt throughout her journey. In The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll uses references to his own past, Alice’s change in size, and imagery to…

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  • Christian Science Research Paper

    “Set your affections on things above; love one another; commune at the table of our Lord in one spirit; worship in spirit and in truth; and if daily adoring, imploring, and living the divine Life, Truth, Love, thou shalt partake of the bread that cometh down from heaven, drink of the cup of salvation, and be baptized in Spirit,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy in 1898 (Christian Science Versus Pantheism). Mrs. Eddy (as she is colloquially referred to by her followers) was the woman who came to found the…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With Elois Hollingsworth Hayes

    trip she took the was the most special to her. It was 1990and she took a trip to Haiti for a mission trip to assist an orphanage. She described the trip as very different and that she was moved by compassion as she noticed the extreme poverty on the island. Nonetheless, she was impressed by the skills like reading and writing of the Haitian people even though they lacked school training. As we continued are interview I then asked about accomplishments she has gained that she is really proud of…

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  • Essay On Christian Religion

    true. The Mormon culture believes their faith and religion was founded by a man named Joseph Smith, who at the age of fourteen, realized he did not agree with any denomination of Christianity. They believe that Smith had a vison from God telling him not to join any of the churches, but to wait. A few years later, Joseph Smith was appointed by an angel; Moroni. Moroni was supposedly the son of Mormonism, and he came to Smith with news that he was chosen to translate the book of Mormon. They…

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  • Analysis Of Sister Wives

    lives, they are religious and hold tight to their faith, yet do not believe they can force plural marriage on their children. They feel this is a calling of sort and is not for everyone. The children all seem to be happy, well-adjusted, normal, loving, non-judgmental and like any other child in your neighborhood. They are not forced to stay within the lifestyle of their parents. Some have stated they would like to be in a plural marriage, some are undecided and one of the daughter’s has…

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  • What Happened In Nauvoo?

    described him as a villain. There has been a good deal of interpretations of what happened in Nauvoo. The majority of the accounts seem to come from Mormons scholars, which creates the problem of bias, where Smith becomes portrayed as a hero of the persecuted Mormons. Much Mormon scholarship on the Nauvoo era comes to be seen essentially as sacred history. If not overtly mythic as Mormon historical writing once manifested under such Mormon scholars as B. H. Roberts, it too often reduces the…

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  • Rhetorical Ethics

    will decide whether the messenger is credible—“before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you” (Cuddy et al. 59). Powerful arguments are subverted by the character of the author—for instance, no matter the future content of his writing, nobody will take seriously the work of a journalist such as Stephen Glass, rising-star turned disgraced writer and failed lawyer (Grimminck). John Krakauer, author of exposés such as Three Cups of Deceit and Under the…

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  • Essay On Polygamy

    Polygamy is the act of having more than one spouse. Deviance is any behavior, belief or condition that violates significant social norms in the society or group in which it occurs (Kendall). It is most commonly practiced amongst Mormons in Utah, although it can happen elsewhere. There are different variations of the kinds of polygamist in America such as a family that does not conceal their status as a polygamist, compared to more secretive families who prefer more privacy. Although it is still…

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  • Brigham Young: The Mormon Church

    In today's society there are hundreds of christian denominations around the world and without Brigham Young the book of mormon would have just been classified as fantasy instead of non-fiction. In the United States alone there are over six million Mormons. Brigham has been called the modern day moses for bringing the teachings of Joseph Smith to the people after Smith's death in 1844. The Mormon church would not be anywhere close to where it is today if it weren't for Young. Not much of Young's…

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