Personal Narrative: An Interview With Elois Hollingsworth Hayes

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It was 5:45 Thanksgiving evening in Raleigh, North Carolina, I had the honor to interview my oldest aunt who is seventy- one years old by the name of Elois Hollingsworth Hayes. After a great family dinner my aunt I had a chance to sit with each other and reminiscence on her life and different aspects that described her life. We began by discussing her occupation where she was Miami-Dade County public school teacher, were she enjoyed most teaching students English and found most satisfying in instructing the students literature that most students found hard or less interesting and making it fun and attention-grabbing. Ms. Hayes described her best result of her efforts in her work was her students learning the material she taught but mostly that …show more content…
In life we all experience something that was a special first and elois first teaching job was very hers. She felt a sense of success because of how great of an interview she had and how she impressed the committee that was interviewing her. Although she experienced greatness she also had an encounter of one of the saddest days of her life which was the death of her mother. She explains that she went into a slight depression, trauma and ended up receiving spiritual counseling. Elois had a friend who was a Pastor who helped her through this devastating time which helped her cope as well as seeking God and his word for assursence that God did not forsaken her and for peace. Through her hard times she had many moments that she was able to help others who experienced the same situations she was in. Her ways of helping was by constantly praying for the individuals and supporting them through her presence as well as comfort through the word of God. Elois believes that if she did not know her age she would think that she was 71 because of the changes she see physically in the past few

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