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  • Elizabeth Of The Trinity Analysis

    -Excerpts from a prayer of Bl. Elizebeth of the Trinity, composed in November 1904 Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, in her prayer, penetrated the deepest truths of Sacred Theology. In this specific excerpt she is honoring the revealed mystery of the trinity, by stating the titles of three persons of God and how we as human beings are ordained to God through the Trinity. The beautiful mystery of the Trinity hits every point in the given definition of Sacred Theology. One could…

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  • Trinity In God Essay

    define who He is to His children and each one of those attributes relates differently to everyone. He is usually referred to as the Trinity, due to the three main ways He interacts with His creation. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In the Bible there actually isn’t even the term trinity, but it is however implied. Tim Case describes the trinity as follows, “There is only One True God, eternally self-existent, revealed in three distinct divine persons, The Father, The Son –…

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  • Andrei Rublev: The Holy Trinity

    The Trinity is an icon created by a Russian painter Andrei Rublev in the 15th century. The Trinity icon is also known as The Hospitality of Abraham. It is Rublev's most famous work, and the most famous of all Russian icons, regard as one of the highest achievements of Russian art. The prototype for this icon was the mysterious appearance of the Holy Trinity in the form of three travelers to Abraham and Sarah under the oak of Mamre. The Church has many different depictions of the Holy…

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  • Doctrine Of The Trinity Essay

    member of the trinity and equal to the God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. As stated previously, John 1 states Jesus has always existed with the Father but is still God. This is a very confusing topic because the Trinity is extremely complex and unable to be completely comprehended, but it should not be completely comprehended because that would mean man could understand one of the mysteries of God, and He is too great and magnificent for that. With the acceptance of the Trinity, Jesus is…

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  • Trinity In Eastern Orthodox Theology

    Orthodox theology relies on the experiences, and developments that took place centuries ago in the East. It is more “spirit-sensitive” and saturated with pneumatology. This emphasis does not exclude Christ or the trinity in its theology. The Eastern Orthodox Church believes, in the holy trinity and that all three persons share in the activity of the others. The doctrine of salvation focuses on continuous growth in sanctification resulting in deification, or rather becoming like God. Eastern…

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  • Harrison Holy Trinity Analysis

    is not. Harrison does a good job telling how true leadership should be. Following the example of the leadership in the Holy trinity, we can find that it includes respect, humility and equality. There are many aspects where this enlightenment can be applied in the world today. If I was asked what the single most confusing concept is in my knowledge, I would say the Holy Trinity. To me it doesn’t stir up confusion like those who are confused due to believing that it is farfetched and could not…

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  • Michael Reeves's Delighting In The Trinity

    Through reading the book, Delighting in the Trinity, I discovered how God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all connected and how that affects my life today. I learned what God desires for his people and how He wishes for us to live a full and flourishing life. As I continue my journey at Taylor University I see how God wants us to live together in fellowship and love one another with the same love God has for us. Reading Michael Reeves book has helped me see the love God has for me. I…

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  • Elizabeth Johnson's View Of The Doctrine Of Trinity

    According to Barth, the Doctrine of Trinity states that the “God in Himself is eternally God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and he cannot be judged for his work and activity. Catherine LaCugna, Sallie McFague, and Elizabeth Johnson have views that contradict with Barth’s views. Catherine LaCaugna’s thinking is not shaped by who God really is. She says that there is a mystery of communion. This mystery of communion includes both humans and God as beloved partners. She also refuses the existence…

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  • Why The Father Makes Up The Trinity

    The trinity is made up of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Many people question why God the Father is the first person that makes up the trinity. The three reasons we learned in class why Father is first in the trinity is: if there is a son then there is a father, Jesus called God the Father “Father”, and God the Father has many characteristics of fatherhood. The Trinity started with God the Father and life starts with a “Father” and we are his children whom he made us all equal and all in…

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  • The Holy Trinity: The Monotheistic Deity Of Hinduism

    Christianity also known as the Holy Trinity and polytheistic deities of Hinduism and how they differ in many ways but also share certain similarities. The first deity covered is from the religion of Christianity. This religion has monotheistic practice religion with the main focus of the what they call the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the deity for the Christian religion. To understand what the Holy Trinity is you must first know what makes the trinity. The Holy Trinity is comprised of…

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