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  • Analysis Of Michael Reeves's Delighting In The Trinity: An Introduction To The Christian Faith

    concept of the trinity has bewildered many of us for quite some time. I am fully convinced we will never know the concept of our triune God in its entirety this side of eternity. Though we cannot understand it fully, there is a plethora of knowledge we can obtain on God’s trinitarian nature. Saying God is triune actually has vital implications for us as Christians regarding topics such as the internal consistency of scripture, our salvation, and creation. In the book Delighting in the Trinity:…

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  • The Holy Trinity

    The Holy Trinity only consist of three brands of cars. Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren. The reason why those brands are in the group is because of their technology, not because they are supercars.(“The Holy Trinity”) At the Illinois Institute, some of the students are considering hypercars or supercars as megacars. Design students have created future friendly hypercars as Ferrari adds green technology to its portfolio. (Jason Ford Reports) To the devotion to the brand. The Ferrari F1 or known as…

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  • The Trinity In Johnathan Fetter-Vorm's The Trinity

    The Trinity by Johnathan Fetter-Vorm depicts the history of the making and drop of the first atomic bomb created during the World War Two era. Fetter-Vorm effectively creates a highly crafted argument that is designed to elicit a response from the readers while illustrating an unbiased and educational story. He challenges the people of the future to remember the previous mistakes of the past so that they will not follow in the footsteps of the ones before them. Fetter-Vorm’s use of specific…

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  • Is There Justice In The Trinity Analysis

    In Is There Justice in the Trinity, Nicholas Wolterstorff makes the claim that there is a certain kind of love and justice within the Trinity. This justice found in the Trinity is a justice that is constituent of love within the Trinity (187) and is based off the assumptions that there can be no injustice in the Trinity and that the Trinity is the epitome of a just situation and relationship. More specifically, the justice in the Trinity is a perfect example of primary justice and can point…

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  • Experiencing The Trinity Analysis

    is depicted in the model of the Trinity. According to Darrell Johnson’s Experiencing the Trinity, “we are created and redeemed to enter into the love each person of the Trinity has for the other” (64). This statement encompasses both intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions. The Trinity is one; thus the love that each person in the Trinity has towards another person in the Trinity is the love that the Trinity has for itself as a whole. In essence, the Trinity relates to itself with love.…

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  • Trinity River Culture

    The idea that humans could work with nature and let the harmony which it possesses influence the way we live was lost when it came to this grand river. The desire to control led to a “growth at any cost” syndrome and the once “Most Holy Trinity” became an eyesore with no use unless it was turned into something unnatural and grey. It was not until centuries after the settlement of the land that the “burgeoning environmentalist movement of the 1960s and 1970s led to a renewed interest in…

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  • Clausewitz's Paradoxical Trinity

    Question: How does Clausewitz's paradoxical trinity explain the changes to the character of warfare from the methods used by Frederick the Great to those that followed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? I. Thesis: Clausewitz’s paradoxical trinity explains the changes to the character of warfare from the ‘political-ideological French Revolution ’ to the ‘military revolution of the Great War ’ by acknowledging the variable but compelling relationships between: instruments of…

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  • Nature Of God And The Trinity Analysis

    The Nature of God and the Trinity begins for the human race with the being of creation. For Christians this starts with the Bible chapter of Genesis. Many people in this world though do not know or understand the concept of God and his nature and cannot see how God becomes three different entities all in one; The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit making the trinity. In theory by reading the word of God, one can begin to understand the application in the nature of God. However, still may not begin…

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  • The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The Trinity

    The Holy Spirit is often discounted in the Trinity, leaving the Father and the Son. We always hear and read a lot about the work of the Father and the Son, but the work of the Holy Spirit is often ignored. However, the Holy Spirit is always working in us. Even though people often forget about the Holy Spirit, it plays a huge role in the Church today. I think the Holy Spirit is often discounted as a member of the Trinity because people do not understand the role it plays in their lives. It is…

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  • Trinitarianism Strengths

    understanding of the Trinity is related to Modalism, which teaches the Trinity is not three distinct persons, but acts in three different forms or modes, and of Tritheism, which says there is three different God, not one God. As a children’s minister, his suggestion of bring realistic visual materials might be effective for children’s understanding. However, to present an apple or glass of water with ice denies each only one God and the distinctiveness of the three persons of the Trinity.…

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