The Secret Room

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  • Case Study: The Secret Room

    Chapter Three The Secret Room Thursday, 12:00 p.m. Just outside our front gate, Chief Chizelmen, a large man with a brooding look and a double chin was waiting for us in a black SUV. We got in the car and the tires rolled over gravel as he pulled away from the curb. “Morning, Mike,” the chief said. “I want to remind you that discretion is essential under the circumstances. Otherwise, this ghost thing could turn into a real media freak show.” “You got it, Chief,” Dad agreed. “Our conversation is strictly off the record.” He was a reporter for the Covert Times and a wannabe TV sports anchor with a stack of applications to prove it. “Thanks.” Chizelmen’s SUV squealed around a corner. “Were you at Willaston last night, Madison?” “Yes,” I said.…

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  • Dungeon's Valley Research Paper

    probably another gift from the Sultan. The King wore the robe, and all of the sudden, he went from a vulgar naked chubby man to a majestic charismatic King. He clapped his hands to order his female guests out of the baths. When Lord Heines asked an audience, or appeared in the castle it meant that something serious needed to be discussed. Heines was his right hand, advisor and confident and he was also his cousin’s father in law. Both men exited the baths, to walk up the wooden stairs that led…

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  • Write An Essay Of A Short Story (Bfg)

    A young boy with untidy hair as black as coal, eyes as bright and green as a new leaf, and a frightening lightening bolt shaped scar on his tiny forehead delicately opened the massive and heavy pink door. He was small and skinny, with a slim face and bumpy pale legs. He wore eyeglasses as round as a tire and seemed as innocent as a lamb. That is until he spoke. Although he modestly showed unmatched meekness, it was clear that this timid little boy hid great secrets. He introduced himself as…

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  • Process Essay: Who Is Your Best Friend?

    have to admit it. Most of the friends that you talk to don’t really argue with that much. However, when you do it will last for a few days before you both are able to patch things up, but even then things will never be the same. With your best friend its different. You fight with them all the time, most of it is just the little things. When you do fight you would separate and then ending up calling each other four hours later. Your fights with your best friend never last that long because you…

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  • When I Woke Up Friday

    in their essays, in her essay “The Naked Citadel” Susan Faludi discusses how the Cadets from the Citadel are significantly affected by their group’s atmosphere, which ultimately leads to dissociation and splitting. While the environment at The Citadel is extremely different from the environment created in Bell’s and Stout’s text, the patients and the cadets both encounter the same psychological mechanisms. Both the trauma patients and the cadets dissociate due to different purposes leading to…

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  • Diary Of Anne Frank Essay

    can't keep that up, if I'm watched to that extent, I start by getting snappy, then unhappy, and finally I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would like to be, and what I could be,"(268 Frank). The previous quotation showcases the effort Frank puts in to make the best of a poor situation, especially how she tries to keep her friends and family content. This drive the author has is a…

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  • The Importance Of Family In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

    keeping it a secret from his family. The birth of the twins Paul and Phoebe Henry brought joy to Norah and David, until Norah was told Phoebe died minutes after she was born which affect the relationship between Norah and David during their marriage. The death of Phoebe was a lie, she was give away to the nurse, Caroline, but David did not tell Norah the truth about…

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  • Andres Vasquez: A Short Story

    He stayed there until September 20, 2020 for his training for his rescue mission. “ Are you ready?” Director Adams said. “ Ready” Director Adams said, “ a helicopter will take exactly 15 meters away from the secret lab and that will be your get away transportation.” Andres seemed nervous because he carried gear to get in. He had to find an exact passage into the underground lab. He went into the back door and tried to avoid the guards. He used a spray to detect any hidden lasers…

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  • Fire Girl Research Paper

    girl who was born with special power. But she kept it a secret from everyone, even her best friend. She used to think that if she tells her best friend about the secret that she keeps to herself, her friend will start to think that she is very weird and all of that stuff. But she was wrong about what she thought her friend would think of her.Because her friend also had a secret that she had never told anyone. Arnella is a girl at Falcon High school. She has been going to this school for two…

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  • Secrets And Lies In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

    Secrets and lies; they go hand in hand and need each other to survive. A secret can be defined as not disclosing information while a lie is creating false information. There are many reasons why people decide to keep a secret or tell a lie. These acts, part of human nature, are used as a source of power or as a defense mechanism. In the novel The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the author, Kim Edwards explores the perception of secrets and lies through the life of the main character, David Henry. The…

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