The Shape of Things

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  • The Shape Of Things By Neil Labute

    The Shape of Things by Neil Labute definitely brought art into another level where people can relate to it easily. It will make one realize that the question that will get them thinking will be how far would one go for love and what price might one pay to have it? There are more painful and truthful questions explored by Labute throughout the play that made art more meaningful. From the opening scene, Evelyn’s chief weapon is an audacity solely acquire from her full senses that she is the richness that men seek. She, not Adam, is the real work of art, and she knows it. Stepping over the boundary in the Art Museum room where Adam works as a security guard, she intimidates him through the effort of her beauty into allowing her to damage a male nude by spray painting a penis. From then on, unperceived to him, or us, Adam becomes her idea project, a living sculpture that she will construct, as she says, “at her thesis defense, out of a pallet consisting exclusively of manipulation.” In my point of view Evelyn’s art project was an actual art even though many people would most likely consider it as porn. According to Evelyn “A truth in art is that whose contradictory is also true. Once they start adding plaster or any…

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  • Gender Roles In The Shape Of Things

    The Shape of Things: Society 's Gender Norms Men, in modern day society, put a tremendous amount of pressure on women to act like housewives and independent sexual beings at the same time. Women are also not innocent. They also create stereotypes for men. In modern day society the perfect man has the manners of a gentlemen but is also a player. Both of these expectations have gender norms that are outrageous, but are still searched for by many men and women. Within “The Shape Of Things” by Neil…

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  • Memory Lesson Plan

    Students with special needs often struggle with attention and memory. Students who struggle with attention are often unable to focus on what is being taught or they simply get too tired to pay attention. Students with memory issues are unable to remember how to do things, or facts and concepts they have been taught. For both vital skills I have developed a lesson plan that will assist my students with both attention and memory building. The lesson I chose is teaching my students about shapes…

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  • Traditional Theories: The 4p's Needs, And Traditional Marketing

    which aims to collect the 4P’S with marketing mix. The four points are Product: it should fits the consumer’s needs and what they want Place: it should be easy to find by the consumer whether in malls or popular streets or near schools and universities Price: the price has to be suitable for the customers abilities it doesn’t mean the products should be the cheapest one but consumers like to pay little money for something that works perfect for them Promotion: promotion aim is to drive the…

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  • The Day The Crayons Quit Essay

    illustrated in the book and recognize the shapes in the pictures. The teacher can also show the vocabulary flashcards of the shapes and colors to the students that can help in recalling the previous knowledge. Read Aloud: The Day the Crayons Quit Read the book in a small group or in a large group depending upon the needs of the students. Tell the students when Duncan who is the main character in the story opens his crayon box, he found stack of letters instead of the crayons. A problem exists…

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  • Van Hiele Levels Of Geometric Reasoning Essay

    through these levels in order as each level is building off the prior level. The next level builds off of the previous level, with the new knowledge, it is not necessary you remember exactly what was done in the last, while it is important to remember, you learn new material and those key things learned will eventually tak the place of the old material. I think of this as the example 4+4+4+4+4 = ?…

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  • Comparison Of Descartes Mind And Body

    support the mind and body could be connected. Before Descartes separates the mind and body he realizes that he exists. Descartes doubts his existence throughout most of his writings. He comes to the realization that he is real through his line “I think therefore I am.” This is his most popular line. He is a thinking thing because he doubts, understands, affirms, denies, wills, refuses and also imagines and senses. His thoughts cannot be taken away from him ever. He will be alive and real until…

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  • The Definition Of Virtue In Plato's Meno

    if it is virtue or not. In addition, the main problem with this definition is that Meno gives a definition of what a particular virtue and not what is virtue. Here Socrates wants a definition of the genus and not the species. This is the reason why Socrates uses the example of the shape to show Meno that there is a difference between a shape and shape. Since there are many different types of shapes and one differs from another, each type of shape would be considered a species, but because they…

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  • Analysis Of Nathan Pietrykowski's Creating Nowhere

    surrounding the piece. This piece reminds me of how strange life can be at times and how you can just sometimes not know why things are happening. I had an instance like this happen yesterday when I lost one of my best friends to a car accident and it just made me wonder; why does life do this to people sometimes out of the blue? I respond to this piece’s elements such as the background of the work being what looks like some type of weird, alienated space that is just meant…

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  • Ben Shahn Allegory Painting Analysis

    Shahn was produced in 1948 and is on display at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The medium of the painting is tempera on panel. The artist’s style consists of slightly visible brushstrokes with an almost surreal form. There is not much variety of color, but that quality unifies all the separate, differing shapes. Since the same colors are usually placed in every part of the painting, the entire work is balanced. However, Shahn still effectively applies emphasis in strategic places, such as…

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