Analysis Of Nathan Pietrykowski's Creating Nowhere

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I am a person who is attracted to the unusual or the “out of the norm”. Once I saw the pieces created by Nathan Pietrykowski, my eyes began fixated on them due to it being an unusual piece. His piece, Creating Nowhere, attracted me the most just because of all the weirdness surrounding the piece. This piece reminds me of how strange life can be at times and how you can just sometimes not know why things are happening. I had an instance like this happen yesterday when I lost one of my best friends to a car accident and it just made me wonder; why does life do this to people sometimes out of the blue? I respond to this piece’s elements such as the background of the work being what looks like some type of weird, alienated space that is just meant …show more content…
He also achieves balance through repetition because he repeats man of the images and makes them fit together, and he achieve balance through rhythm. He achieves balance through rhythm by keeping the same flow of shape and color throughout the painting. The content present in this painting show many visual elements such as line, shape, color, texture, and space. The lines in this painting function as the backbone of the painting. If you look at it closely you can see that there is not a single straight line in this painting; they are all wavy lines that form the shapes. I think by looking at this paining that the reason he did this is to make us realize that everything in life is not straight and most things you see are wavy and have curves. The shapes in this painting are for the most part organic. These shapes express the content of the work by showing how strange some of the shapes in the world are. Pietrykowski’s painting is very three dimensional and shows all types of art forms that just pop out at you in this work. The hues used in this work are mostly secondary and intermediate hues. They are a light and bright mix of these colors which he uses to make a happy and weird mood for this piece. The textures of this piece are rough and shiny. The textures are rough due to the paining being not straightforward and having to find everything that is going on. It is also rough because the lines are not straight lines they are wavy and curved. They are shiny because of all the bright colors used in the painting. These textures are implied and seem appropriate to the subject and express the content in the painting. The shape of the work seems very closed in due to its small

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