The Art Of Art In Kapok Tree By Alexis Rockman

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Artists often aim to tell a story when creating a piece. Whether they want to convey a message, bring up controversial topics, or teach a lesson, artists try to get an idea across to their viewers. The illustrators look to the audience to dissect what they are trying to say through their paintings and offer them up for interpretation. In his painting, Kapok Tree, Alexis Rockman tells the story of the flora and fauna that he saw while on a trip to the rainforest in Guyana. Rockman uses many techniques such as contrasting color, organization, and tone to tell his story to the audience. One of the main techniques Rockman uses in his painting is color. The dark sky and bright, intense hue of the leaves and frogs create an interesting pairing. …show more content…
There are many aspects of the painting that add to the tone including color, placement, and amount of action in the painting. Although there are many contrasting colors in the painting that would ordinarily give a busy feeling, they instead give off a calming sense. The colors, that give a cartoonish feel, make the audience feel relaxed due to the types of green and red tones used. The tone comes off as peaceful due to the organization of the piece by choosing to add only the necessary pieces and show that a painting can be simple and still have impact. Rockman displays that things can be both chaotic but enjoyable to look at without being overwhelmed. The stars in the painting are another way to ease the audience. Stars are a simple thing that people look at to think of family members that have passed or of happy experiences they once lived. Perhaps Rockman placed the stars in the painting to remind himself of the stars he saw while in Guyana or to convey the feeling he felt while being in the rainforest. Nature has long time been a calming place for many people and can act as a way to forget everyday problems. The nature in this painting relaxes the audience into a calming state and gives off a serene

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