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  • Explain The 10 Commandments Of Effective Communication

    Hari Dahal 10 Commandments of Effective Communication 1. Choose a non-distracting environment. These days, everyone has a smart phone. People seem distracted because of immediate and quick entertainment made possible by the use of phones, computers, and TVs. So, choosing a non-distracting environment is important while communicating no matter what the objective of a conversation is. 2. Keep listeners interested, and pay attention while listening. It is important to know that the listeners are…

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  • The Impact Of Social Inventions On Society

    When one thinks of an invention we can imagine and pick out examples of wonderful and animate objects that have made a positive impact on society and the community. In many ways the inventions that have been created over history have contributed to the beneficial evolution of humanity, such as health care inventions like vaccines or technological inventions such as cars or phones. The important aspect is that these inventions focus on creating objects in particular that ease the way in which…

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  • Voip Technology Advantages

    The cost of equipment, lines, manpower and maintenance is reduced significantly compared to traditional phones such as the phone bill or mobile telephone bill. There is also a high net saving advantage that results from the management of a single network, and this is made possible through the IP Phones. For many firms, especially those with international clients or suppliers, one of the biggest contributors…

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  • How Cell Phones Changed My Life

    With each member in society owing a phone, the cellphone is embedding in our everyday lives. A device that resembles personality and character. The presence of the cell phone has not only changed my life, but most importantly the way I communicate and interact with others. Being accustomed with the presence of always carrying a cellphone. Were before the cell phone stayed back at home and didn’t have to worry about any distraction. From observation we now tend to worry and become anxious when we…

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  • Samuel Morse Code: A Co-Inventor Of The Industrial Revolution

    Have you ever heard of Samuel Morse? If you have then you know that he was a co-inventor of Morse Code. Morse Code is a systematic way of transmitting information via code and it is sent either from light or from off and on tones. Samuel Morse is known for much more than Morse Code, however. He originally gained his reputation for being a portrait painter and by helping invent the single-wired telegraph. Because of what is being called the Industrial Revolution many new inventions like Morse Code…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell Accomplishments

    Alexander Graham Bell Have you ever loved doing something so much that you want to pursue a career in it? Well imagine a person who worked very hard at what they loved doing and became a triple threat. Alexander Graham Bell was a very significant historical figure to this nation. He invented and conducted experiments for things that help us humans make our lives easier everyday. Also, he has helped people with disabilities not lose the privilege of knowledge. Alexander Graham Bell was a…

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  • Cause And Effect: Thomas Edison

    Cause and Effect: Thomas Alva Edison (Thomas) Hook I am often thought of as the one of the greatest inventors who ever lived. I am Thomas Alva edison Background info I was born February 11,1847 in Milan Ohio. I was the youngest of the seven children of Samuel Ogden Edison and Nancy matthews Elliott. My father was a activist from Canada. My mother was an accomplished school teacher and a major influence on my life. In 1878, i worked on a way to replace the gaslight and candle light on…

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  • How Did Thomas Edison Contribute To The World

    Thomas Edison was an amazing man, and did amazing things for the world and America. He was an inventor who worked mainly with electricity and things that will help people with everyday things. He started out small and then he grew as a business and was one of the best inventors people say. And he works with all of this stuff to make him more determined and he had his mind set on this stuff. If Thomas Edison didn’t do what he did the world wouldn’t be the same as it is now. Thomas Edison was…

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  • What Are External Influences

    External influences can change everyone’s day to day life. Everyone may have different influences that change how they are, but all influences form who you are. It doesn’t matter how much you feel that you can’t be affected by the outside world, or how what’s going on in the white house has nothing to do with you because you live in a small town in Vermont, when it has everything to do with you, and no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t affect your life, it will. Because like what Julian…

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  • Sherry Turll Alone Together Essay

    As new generations populate our plant they set new standards and social norms in which we live by. In an excerpt from Sherry Turkle’s book “Alone Together”, we learn just how much we would rather text then call. Throughout the excerpt, Turkle investigates the lives of normal people in America to see their experiences with texting and calling. In all of these cases calling is frowned upon and texting is praised due to either an awkward personality, or lack of genuine time; having a conversation…

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