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  • Case Study: Early Child Cognitive Development

    I think this case also connects to the early childhood CAP group as well. Linda is certainly worried about if her child will become the potential victim of child abuse from her husband. I think Linda made the decision definitely based on the factors contributing to early child cognitive development that have been presented by the early childhood development CAP group, especially on the parents figure attachment. Linda told me no matter how many extra jobs she has to work after the divorce,…

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  • Cultural Differences In Cultural Research

    Everyone and anyone with the best intentions at heart would like to see their child prevail, to overcome the obstacle the face in life, and to find a path that suites them. Nevertheless, there is no single “perfect” method of raising children, even with extensive research a parent can only do so much to develop their child’s sense of duty and and discipline. Cultural differences contribute to the vast amount of parenting techniques and plays an important role values that we try to instill in our…

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  • Reflection On Access To Preventative Health Care

    because of lack of education and knowledge. 7. How will this experience change your nursing practice? This experience will make me a better nurse. There are so many field nursing can practice and I believe community nursing is an option for me in the near future. Community nurse is great asset to have in the rural area. It is such an honor to work with people in need. I will use my knowledge to practice nursing fairly and will and forever continue to provide the best and safest care to each…

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  • Usefulness Of Nursing Philosophy

    of faculty. e. Selection of students. f. Preparation of faculty. g. Evaluation and development of curriculum. ii. In hospital: a. Formulating aims and objectives of hospital. b. Formulating rules, regulation and policies, interpreting nurse practice acts so that the nurse and others better understand the laws. c. Guiding the development of nursing care delivery system. d. Establishing criteria for measuring the quality to nursing care. e. Preparing job description of nursing staff.…

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  • The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory

    Dorothea Elizabeth Orem was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1914. Orem attended Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Washington, D.C., where she later received her diploma in 1934. She continued her nursing education at Catholic University of America earning her B.S. in Nursing Education in 1939, and a M.S. in Nursing Education in 1945. In 1958, Orem was one of the foremost nursing theorists, and began developing her theory for improvement of quality nursing care in hospitals which became…

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  • Reflective Nursing Reflection

    nursing profession carries high standards of care, and reflective practice is one the ways of assisting nurses with reviewing their practice and ensuring it is continuously satisfactory. Throughout this essay the concept of reflective practice, how it can benefit nurses will be reviewed, and a personal reflection of traits will be conducted and further incorporated into constructing a career’s plan. To understand why reflective practice is important for nurses, it is crucial to understand the…

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  • Communication: The Most Important Factors That Supported My Nursing Career

    The reason for being limited is because we all fear the unknown, but once we know what to expect, we might not fear the unknown anymore. At the same time, there are also limitations when it comes to skills that we haven 't practice or we have but forget the steps to complete them. Therefore, having the fear of not being able to perform a skill at the professor 's level is one fear that I can change how I view my future actions. For example, when I started my clinical rotation…

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  • Best Practice In Nursing: A Concept Analysis

    Extensive studies foster the development and integration of best practice. This paper explores three articles that relate to the issues of the evidence-based practice in nursing. The articles vary in purposes, but all relate to the topic of evidence-based practice integration in nursing. Debates over various professional topics continue, and there is no clear set of expectations for nurses on specific medical procedures and practices. By using evidence from conducted studies, three articles…

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  • Technological Singularity

    Let’s get down to business, Ray Kurzweil predicts that in 2045 a singularity will happen. Not just any singularity, a technological one. This means that when the time comes, technology and human capacity will accelerate and merge to become a new and different life-form. This may include machines becoming sentient. Believing in the singularity is a good thing. The singularity will bring up a new age of superhuman intelligence. “According to Ray Kurzweil the advancements in the GNR; genomics,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Child Rearing

    Many parents put in a lot of work to ensure their children’s success. Other parents are less involved in placing their children in several activities to ensure their children’s success. What is the best way to raise children? What are some factors that affect child rearing? Several factors are known to affect how a child is raised, and determining a superior child rearing method is complex, with many pros and cons associated with each method. There are two primary ways to raise children:…

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